Thursday, 19 May 2011

YoyoJam products coming your way

If you're unaware yet, we've got stocks from YoyoJam making its way to our store real soon, the Unleashed, a new 2A yo-yo by Joseph Harris since Sunsets, as well as the MicroMo, designed by master modder Mo Chavez, will soon be available at the Spinworkx Store!
Prices will be known as soon as the product hits our shelves so keep a look out!

The Unleashed is the next generation looping yo-yo from YoYoJam and National Champion Joseph Harris!
The Unleashed builds upon the success of YoYoJam's original premier looping yo-yo, the Sunset Trajectory, bringing it to the next level with huge improvements for two handed looping play!
Features include a new unique starburst response system that slopes out from the bearing seat to give you response when you need it but allow for longer spin while performing extended sleeping tricks like wraps and tangler.  The Unleashed also was given an added weight boost to improve stability and deliver longer overall spin time.
This yo-yo is the signature series of National Champion Joseph Harris and is a great choice no matter what your skill level.  Beginners will enjoy the great stability and ease of control while advanced players can adjust the gap to a wider setting for lower response and better sleep time.

The Micro Mo is the smallest high-performance yo-yo to come from YoYoJam!  Designed with guidance from the master modder Mo Chavez this is the best pocket sized yo-yo available!
A huge focus in the design of this yo-yo was to ensure no playability was sacrificed for the smaller size.  Even with its small size, the Micro Mo is a world-class player with amazing spin dynamics!  The bronze nickel-plated rims on its small polycarbonate body focus rim weight so precisely that this yo-yo is as powerful spinning as it is quick and nimble in your hands.
Micro Mo includes the Solid Spin axle system with silicone o-rings and delivers perfect, unresponsive dead-smooth play.
Don't judge a yo-yo by its size.  The Micro Mo is built to play with the best of them!

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