Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Name: Angle
Bearing Size: Large
Response: Silicone pads

The Angle is the upcoming release from sOMEThING by YoyoAddict. After having released the SuperFly, a couple of weeks later, along comes the Angle.

After having played with the Angle, players at the Spinworkx store has said that not only do they think the Angle is a great yo-yo from a new manufacturer, it could very well go on to become a competition yo-yo-of-choice for competitors worldwide!

Its play is smooth, fast and handles anything you could possibly throw at it.

If you are a fan of high-quality, well-made yo-yos, get the Angle when it comes out! This is one of the best yo-yos we have thrown in awhile!!

Here is a video of Hiroyuki Suzuki throwing the Angle. We aren't kidding when we tell you it is a solid throw!

The release date for the Angle is the 28th of February.
Get yours at Spinworkx!!

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