Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spinworkx King of the Spin 2012: H-O-R-S-E Tournament

Seeing how it is the September School Holidays and everyone needs a little break and to have some fun, the all time favorite H-O-R-S-E was played in a Tournament style, with 16 competitors, at the Spinworkx store.

The competitors were:
1) Andre
2) Marcus Koh
3) Muhd I'zzun
4) Darren
5) Darrell Mitchell
6) Jason Cheow
7) Keshvinn
8) Jarett
9) Li Tiancheng
10) Muhd. Hafiq
11) Jeremy Tan
12) Lex
13) Marcus Hoe
14) Ian Loh
15) Lee Weiting
16) Chen Kun

The sequence of the Tournament was a head-to-head battle and the first round battles had the following individuals competing to move on to the quarter-finals. A draw was made to determine the first round battles and the battles were:

1) Andre VS Marcus Koh
2) Muhd. I'zzun VS Darren
3) Darrell Mitchell VS Jason Cheow
4) Keshvinn VS Jarett
5) Li Tiancheng VS Muhd. Hafiq
6) Jeremy Tan VS Lex
7) Marcus Hoe VS Ian Loh
8) Lee Wei Ting VS Chen Kun

The first round saw some epic battles. One was the battle of the 1A powerhouses Darrell Mitchell & Jason Cheow, two of the most original players Singapore has to offer. Another 'big' battle pitted Lee Wei Ting, 5A extraordinaire, against Chen Kun, 3A Maestro.

In the end, the quarter-final matches were as follows:

Marcus Koh (1) VS Muhd. I'zzun (2)
Darrell Mitchell (3) VS Keshvinn (4)
Li Tiancheng (5) VS Jeremy Tan (6)
Marcus Hoe (7) VS Lee Wei Ting (8)

The quarter-finalists were more focused and geared up to what needed to be done to overcome their opponents. Marcus Koh sticking to his world-reknowned Single A bangers, Darrell switching it up and competing with mostly 2A, Tiancheng & Jeremy both sticking to one-off Single A tricks and Wei Ting destroying the competitor with his technical 5A tricks.

At the end of the quarter-finals, the following competitors remained, to show-down in the semi-final round.

Semi-finals: Marcus Koh VS Darrell Mitchell
Semi-finals: Jeremy Tan VS Lee Wei Ting

The Battle of 2 of the best Single A players in Singapore, and the battle between the new upcoming superstars in the Singapore contest scene. Once again, Darrell exploited his 2A prowess and competed with 2-handed exclusively, outwitting the 2011 World Champion Marcus Koh. The battle between Jeremy and Wei Ting was more fiercely contested, with the match being even throughout most of the battle. But in the end, Jeremy's perseverance and determination prevailed against the 5A master, Wei Ting, setting the final H-O-R-S-E battle between:

Finals: Darrell Mitchell VS Jeremy Tan

Again, Darrell exploited his versatility with both 1A and 2A, choosing to compete exclusively with 2-handed, out-gunning Jeremy and winning the first ever Spinworkx H-O-R-S-E Tournament!

Jeremy Tan: First Runner-up
Darrell Mitchell: Champion
Congratulations to Darrell, who completely owned the tournament with his skills, versatility and technique.

Look out for the next Spinworkx H-O-R-S-E Tournament happening sometime in November/December!

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