Saturday, 22 December 2012

Adjusting the String Length on your Yo-yo

It is probably one of the most basic things every player needs to learn before getting on with yo-yo practice, but a lot of new players are still unsure of how to tie a proper knot for their yo-yo.

Hopefully, this tutorial will be able to enlighten our future yo-yo masters on how its done.

It is recommended that before you cut your string, you should measure it first so you get the right string length.

Step 1.

Place the yo-yo on the floor, pull the string till it reaches your belly button.

Step 2.

Cut away the excess string after measuring it from the floor to the height of your belly button.

Step 3.

With the string now cut, you are going to tie a regular knot, but instead of doing it with only one piece of string, you have to bend the string like such, and tie a regular dead knot with TWO strings.

Your string should look like this once twisted.
Take point a. and put it through the loop where the arrow is, illustrated in the picture above.

Now, your string should look like the one above.

Step 4.

Pull the loop end of the string together with the other end until your knot has tightened.

And you’re done tying the knot! Your knot should look like the one above.

BUT, we’re still not completely done! You DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGER THROUGH THE LOOP YOU’VE TIED!!!

Step 5.

Insert the string below the loop end THROUGH the loop itself like seen in the picture above.

Once the string end is through the loop, pull it to ENLARGE the loop. This loop is ADJUSTABLE so it can fit any finger no matter the size.

You see the arrow? That’s where your finger will go through!

Step 6.

Once you’ve put your finger through this adjustable loop, give it a short tug.

You’re now ready to use your newly adjusted string!

We hope this tutorial will prove useful for you. Should you encounter further problems, you may drop by the store. We will be more than happy to help you out!

Keep spinning!

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