Monday, 24 December 2012

Having Axle Problems?

Oh axles! *Insert a soft-sigh here* 

They are an extremely important part of the yoyo. Their main function is to be the screw that holds both yo-yo halves together. Unfortunately, sometimes they can have problems. Two of the most common problems are over tightening of the yo-yo halves, and the axle slipping into one yo-yo halve. These two problems can be easily prevented or fixed.

An axle
Over tightening the yo-yo halves is what occurs when the yoyo is screwed together too tight. This can cause the plastic around the axle to crack, ultimately breaking the yo-yo. The best way to prevent this from happening is to stop screwing the yo-yo together if it does not need to be further tightened. If you feel resistance while screwing the yoyo together, do not force it any more. Having it nice and snug is good enough.

This yo-yo has been through the unfortunate experience of being over tightened.
Another problem that axles can have is that they can slip into one yo-yo halve, making it impossible to screw the yoyo back together. But fret not! To get the axle back out, you will need an allen tool, or a screwdriver with the same hexagonal bit. Just head on down to your favorite D.I.Y. store to pick up an allen tool, or a tool set (like the one shown in the image below).

This handy screwdriver set contains the perfect bit for the job!
There are two steps to removing an axle. The first step is to insert the tool in the center of the axle, as far in as it can go. Make sure that the allen tool is of the correct size and fit!

About to remove the axle of a YoyoJam Eneme.
Next, twist the tool anti-clockwise, while keeping the yoyo steady.

Twisting out the axle
Continue twisting until the axle comes out.

Axle removed!
Now, the axle should be out. Screw it back into one side, but not all the way. Make sure there is sufficient 'axle space' to fit onto both yo-yo halves, allowing the yo-yo to be able to be screwed back together.

Screw it back together, and you are ready to throw.
And there you have it, that is how you fix your axle problems!

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