Friday, 21 December 2012

How to Replace Friction Stickers / Response

As many of you know, silicone (a response system used in many unresponsive yoyos) and friction stickers (used in Duncan yoyos) do not last forever. Most of you, know how to replace them. This short guide is a step-by-step run through on how one should go about replacing the response pads in their yo-yo. Thankfully, it is a very simple procedure and this guide will teach you how.

The process for replacing the friction stickers is the same as replacing silicone.  You will need a yoyo that needs replacement stickers/pads, the friction stickers/pads, and a tool with a flat edge (eg. a screw driver).

Make sure that the area that you are putting the friction sticker onto is cleared of any dried glue or residue from the previous pad.  The flat tool can help you remove the sticker, especially if it is sitting in a groove. 

If there are debris from the old sticker/pad, wipe it off the best you can. You could use the lighter fluid that you use to clean your bearing to assist you with this if there is glue stuck in the gap. Alternatively, you could head down to your favorite D.I.Y. shop to get a bottle of gooey cleaning substances.

**CAUTION: You may choose to use the lighter fluid with Metal yo-yos to clean off residue, but prolong use of lighter fluid onto your plastic yo-yo may cause the plastic on your yo-yo to degenerate.**

Peel off the back of the sticker.

Now, take the friction sticker and put it in the groove that the old one was in.

Finally, smooth down the sticker by pressing on it with the flat tool(if it is a silicone replacement) or using your finger (if it is a replacement for a friction sticker).

And viola, you are done!

***For further questions, you may head over to our Spinworkx Facebook Page to get help from fellow players. Keep Spinning!***

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