Saturday, 22 December 2012

Setting up Offstring and Freehand yo-yos

String tricks may be fun, but a lot of people want to try out different styles of play like Offstring (4A) and Freehand (5A). 

In Offstring, the yoyo is not attached to the string. In Freehand, the yoyo is attached to the string, but instead of being attached to your hand, it is attached to a counter weight. Of course, with these variations from normal play, there are slight variations with how they are set up.

This is a fully wound offstring yoyo
An offstring yo-yo is wound the same way as a yo-yo normally is. Start by holding the bottom of the string to the side of the yoyo and make a few wraps around, while your finger is still holding onto the string.

The first step
After you have made a few wraps around the axle, let go of the string and continue to wind it up.

The second step
Now that is is wound, make sure that you are holding it correctly. It should look like this:

Now you are ready to throw!
To throw, start in a forward pass position.

The position you should be in to throw offstring
Once thrown, the string is caught with your non-throw hand and the yoyo will pop up in to the air and land back on the string. It does take some practice to get it smoothly at first, but with sufficient practice, you will be getting it and progressing on to more difficult Offstring tricks.

When you toss it, it will look like this.
And now… on to Freehand!

Confused?? The secret is about to be revealed!
The first step is, to get yourself some string and a counter-weight.

Step one
Next put an end of the string through the hole. You could technically use either end of the string, but since some counter weights have smaller holes than others, it is best to use the end without the knot.

Step two
Next, hold the ends of the string, so the counter weight is in the middle.

Step three
Now, put the end that goes onto the bearing through the knot that normally goes on your finger.

Step four
Finally, while holding on to the end that goes around the yoyo, let the end with the knot slide down.

Step five
Now, just wind it up like you would a normal yo-yo, and you are ready to begin!

You are now ready!
So, now that you know how to set up an Offstring and Freehand yoyo, you should get out there and try it!

Soon enough, you will be doing this!
And now, that is how you set up your yo-yos for Offstring(4A) & Freehand(5A). Choose the style that interests you the most, work on it, and we will be seeing you on stage at your National Contest!

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