Wednesday, 26 December 2012

“Washing” your Bearings

As you further venture into the development of newer and more technical tricks, the need to have a yo-yo that spins longer is necessary if you want to further explore stuff that you have never tried before. But sometimes, you may find it difficult to progress to advance tricks because your yo-yo is (1) too responsive, and/or (2) not sleeping/spinning long enough.

Today we shall teach you the technique often used by advance players who want to achieve a better playing yo-yo for performing tougher tricks.

***Do Note: Washing your yo-yo will result in a lack of response, which means you’ll be required to perform a bind in order to return the yo-yo to your hand.***

To get started, you will need the following.
1. Lighter Fluid
2. Canister to put your lighter fluid in
3. Wrench / Bearing Removal Tool
4. Tweezers
5. Tissue Paper

YoyoJam, YoYoFactory and other large bearing yo-yos may require a bit of help with bearing removal from the bearing seat. You may choose to purchase a bearing removal tool but if not, a simple wrench will do the trick.

Simply grab the bearing with the circular side of the wrench and rock the wrench side-to-side and slowly remove the bearing. DO NOT GRAB THE BEARING TOO TIGHTLY! You may end up crushing the bearing instead. The rocking motion allows the bearing to be 'wiggled out' and removed easily without having to use too much force which may result in damaging the bearing.

Once the bearing is out, fill your canister with lighter fluid. You do not need to fill up the entire canister, about half a centimeter or slightly over the width of the bearing, will do just fine. After which, toss your bearing into the canister and give it a good hard shake and thorough washing/cleaning.

If your bearing is old, you will most likely encounter a lot of dirt being stuck inside your bearing. This will result in the lighter fluid turning a darker/murkier shade if you wash it thoroughly, like seen below.

Once the bearing is washed, remove it with a pair of tweezers and dry it on a piece of tissue paper. Remember to properly dispose of the tissue paper after the bearing is dry. Once the bearing is all clean and dry, fit it back into your yo-yo and you are all set.

If you find that the yo-yo is too unresponsive to your liking, you may add a bit of lube to give it a little more response. Your regular 3-in-1 oil or sewing machine oil (such as Singer Oil) will do just fine. For the best bearing maintenance, we highly recommend getting yourself a bottle of YoyoJam thin or thick lube, or Yoyofactory Performance Oil, should you require a bit more response and better bearing care than your regular commercially-bought oils.

We hope this post proves helpful for everyone, if you need further help, check out our Spinworkx Facebook Page and ask questions to seek assistance.

***Lighter Fluid is flamable and DANGEROUS if not handled properly. Spinworkx is not responsible should you accidentally cause harm to yourself while performing such modifications. If unsure, acquire the assistance of an adult, or drop by the Spinworkx Store, to handle the flammable contents.***

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