Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Yo-Yo Bearing Lubrication

Which lube fits which yo-yo?
If you have washed your bearing only to realise that you’d prefer a yo-yo that’s more responsive, and you don’t like to bind your yo-yo, don't panic! This is the post for you!

A few players may have purchased the YoyoJam or Yoyofactory lube already but have no idea how to use it. Spinworkx takes a look at how you should 'oil' your bearing, and which lube suits what type of play.

Thin/String Tricks Lube

When you are dealing with string tricks, you want a yo-yo that spins long, and a bearing lube that does not slow the yo-yo down too much, but provides some form of response at the same time. In this case, using a Thin Lube, or String trick Lube will work best.

Thin Lubes are suitable for string trick yo-yos
When lubing a string-trick yo-yo, you will want the lube to enter the bearing. A drop or two is all you need to fully soak the interior of the bearing, giving it enough lubrication to spin long and provide a little bit of response.

One or two drops into the bearing, no more than that.
Thick/Looping Tricks Lube

Thicker lubrication is needed for tricks that require the bearing and yo-yo to be more responsive like loops, which is why if you own a pair of looping yo-yos, be it Raiders, Unleashed, Loop 900s, etc, getting a bottle of thick lube would be better than one which is thin.

Thick lubes are suitable for Loopers and Transaxles.
Another suitable use for Thick Lubes are when playing with Transaxles (Yomega Brains, Fireballs, Super Yo-Yo Advance and Super Advance yo-yos etc).

Lube the bearing, one or two drops should suffice.
When you 'oil' your looping yo-yo, what you want is for the bearing to receive the lube, not so much the axle. When the lube penetrates into the bearing interior, it gives it a more responsive feel, allowing the yo-yo to return easily, making it great for loops.

Transaxles require you to oil the axle to make the yo-yo responsive.
When lubing a transaxle, what you want to 'oil' would be the shaft which the sliding axle slips onto. As seen in the picture above, the Yomega Brain requires lubrication on the axle to give it response. A closer look at the picture can be seen below.

Leave a thin coat of lube on the axle of your Transaxle yo-yo.
As usual, a drop or two is more than enough to get you going. Once the shaft has been oiled, you’ll get a much better response from your yo-yo.


So now that you know which lubrication suits what sort of yo-yos, you can go ahead and use them correctly. However, if you have any difficulty, you may always check in with us on the Spinworkx Facebook Page to get help from other yo-yo players who have used yo-yo Lubes as well, or you may come by to the store and we will help you out!

YoyoJam Thin Lube - SGD$8.90
YoyoJam Thick Lube - SGD$8.90
Yoyofactory Performance Lube (String) - SGD$9.90
Yoyofactory Performance Lube (Loops) - SGD$9.90

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