Wednesday, 30 January 2013

FRESH: CLYW Arctic Circle

Name: Arctic Circle
Bearing Size: Centre Trac / Large
Response: CLYW Snow Tires (Silicone)

The Arctic Circle by CLYW is the Signature yo-yo of CLYW team member Zach Gormley, and was first introduced to the world sometime in May 2012. Since then, the Arctic Circle has gone on to be one of the best playing yo-yos of 2012, and was very used by Zach to win the 2012 US National Yo-Yo Contest held back in October 2012.

Zach worked closely with CLYW owner Chris Mikulin to produce the Arctic Circle. The yo-yo has a few elements of the Chief, Avalanche and Canvas put together, creating the ulitmate throw for Zach. Though Zach may be a relatively young player (age-wise), his trick composition, style and control is incredibly unique, creative and a delight to watch.

Coming off his win at the US National Contest, Zach then flew over to Japan for the annual 44Clash event held in November, and came in a very respectable 2nd place with his Arctic Circle, beating many past World, Asian and National champions in the competition.

Zach is definitely one of the players to watch out for in 2013. With his signature throw, the Arctic Circle, he is destined for big, big things to come. Every great player should have a great yo-yo to his name, and we must say that the Arctic Circle definitely does not disappoint. One of the best we have thrown thus far!

Many players may think that the Arctic Circle is similar to the CLYW Chief. No doubt, that is correct. However, let us take a look at the 2 and see what differences they have.

As seen in the picture above, the Chief has a slightly larger diameter as compared to the Arctic Circle. When playing with a Chief, you will definitely feel that the yo-yo is larger than most other full-sized yo-yos. The Arctic Circle, on the other hand, feels closer to a regular full-sized yo-yo.

Furthermore, the Chief sports a rounder shape than the Arctic Circle.

Here, we can also see that the Chief is very slightly wider than the Arctic Circle. To be honest, we could not really feel the difference in gap width between the Arctic Circle and the Chief.

Now, let us take a look at the inner workings of the Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Circle uses Snow Tires for response, and it is slightly larger than regular slim silicone pads, allowing the yo-yo to have tighter and more reliable, solid binds. The large bearing that comes with the Arctic Circle (either Large flat bearing or Centre Trac bearing) gives the yo-yo smooth and long spinning performance.

The CLYW Arctic Circle is definitely a must in your collection of yo-yos if you are a fan of great playing, well-manufactured, title-winning yo-yos. It has this special, unique feeling when in play, that you do not get with other yo-yos. You just need to try it to understand!

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