Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Name: ANGLAM / ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia
Bearing Size: ADC bearing (Large)
Response: sOMEThING Pads (Silicone)

The ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia is the very first offering of the 2013 season for sOMEThING. sOMEThING, being the independent yo-yo company straight out of Japan, run by 4 time World Single-Handed Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, produces stunning, well-playing and contest winning yo-yos.

The ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia was a yo-yo design based on the classic ANGLAM yo-yo that became wildly popular after Hiroyuki Suzuki used it to take home the 2012 Japan National, Asia Pacific and World Yo-Yo Contest Single-Handed Division champion titles. This version of the ANGLAM was made for Singapore National and Asia Pacific 2011 Single-Handed Champion, Christopher Chia.

Christopher, needing no introduction, was the first Asian other than Hiroyuki Suzuki, to win the 1A division at AP. His unique tricks and visually appealing style of play made Christopher one of the most popular yo-yo players in the world today! The ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia is his own take on the ANGLAM and Christopher will be sporting his ANGLAM at competitions throughout 2013. Will his ANGLAM follow the original ANGLAM and bag the big titles at contests? Only time will tell!

The ANGLAM is Hiroyuki Suzuki's signature yo-yo that he used throughout the 2012 contest season, winning practically every contest he took part in! Being the 4 time World Yo-Yo Champion, being able to maintain his winning streak after all these years, in the most competitive 1A division, is an incredible feat for any player. The ANGLAM is a reflection of Hiroyuki as a yo-yo player, the complete package and the perfect yo-yo for any contest.

Here, let us take a look at the various comparison shots between the 2 versions of the ANGLAM.

As seen in the photo above, the ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia has a slightly large diameter as compared to the original ANGLAM.

Here, we can see that the ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia also has a slightly wider gap as compared to the original ANGLAM.

If you look closely at the 2 yo-yo halves, the original ANGLAM on the left & ANGLAM Ver. CC on the right, you will be able to see that the new ANGLAM Ver. CC has another slight step in the centre of the yo-yo halve. This is to allow the yo-yo to perform even better for horizontal style tricks that Christopher is famous for.

Both the ANGLAM and ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia are great yo-yos that were built for competitive, top-level competition play. With their slight differences in shape, gap width and material used, you can be sure that the ANGLAMs will perform and feel unlike any other yo-yo! Another difference between the two is that the ANGLAM comes with titanium metal rims, whereas the ANGLAM Ver. CC does not.

Without a doubt, the ANGLAM & ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia are delights to throw! If you are a fan of high quality, well-manufactured yo-yos that guarantee performance, these ANGLAMs are definitely the ones for you!

The ANGLAM & ANGLAM Ver. Christopher Chia is available at Spinworkx today!
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