Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #2 - Braintwister Mount

#2 - Braintwister Mount

Since our last Spinworkx First Mount post, have you been wondering what is the other main string trick that every spinner needs to know before progressing on to the more cool and difficult tricks? Well, look no further.

Another building block of string tricks would be the Braintwister. The Trapeze (Sidestyle) and Braintwister (Frontstyle) are the 2 main string tricks that every spinner absolutely needs to know! To be able to perform a Braintwister, one must first learn how to pull off the Braintwister Mount.

The Braintwister mount is not difficult, and with some practice, you will be doing it with your eyes closed in no time.

The Braintwister mount starts off with a Long Sleeper. Throw the yo-yo down straight and hard.

Once the yo-yo is spinning, stick out the index finger of your non-throwing hand (the hand that the yo-yo is not tied to), and use that index finger to lift up (slightly lower than halfway between your hand and the yo-yo) the string.

When the string has been lifted up, raise it up above your throwing hand (the hand that the yo-yo is tied to).

Then, land the yo-yo onto the string and bring up your throwing hand so the yo-yo now sits onto the string while spinning.

Voila, the Braintwister Mount!

A pointer to take note when learning this trick:
1) Ensure that at all times, the yo-yo is spinning straight and not tilting to one side. If the yo-yo is tilting, catch it and try the trick from the start. Remember, you do not need to throw super hard. Main thing to note is that the yo-yo must be upright and straight!

Thats all for #2 of the Spinworkx First Mount project.
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Till next time,
Keep practicing! Keep spinning!~

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