Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: Duncan Freehand Zero with Mod Spacers

Hello one and all!

It is time for our first Yo-Yo Setup of the Month column for 2013, and it definitely is great to be back blogging once again!

Well, for the yo-yo this month, we have been feeling rather nostalgic and wanted to throw something that is pretty old-school but with a modern twist.

Duncan Freehand Zero with Mod Spacers

The Duncan Freehand Zero has been a classic favorite throughout the early 2000s, and it was definitely one of my favorite yo-yos and daily throws. With the introduction of the new Mod Spacers by Duncan, we figured that it would be worth a try, throwing in those spacers into our beloved yo-yo, adding not just weight and gap width, but enhancing an already good yo-yo with recessed sticker response.

After adding the Mod Spacers, the gap width (as seen above) in increased dramatically and now, the gap width is HUGE! This is great for those of you practicing your Circular Eli Hops and need a really wide but affordable yo-yo.

Now, let us go into the things you will need to put this yo-yo together.

Firstly, you will need a Freehand Zero. In this case, we will be using a limited edition AP Freehand Zero, in that beautiful shade of orange.

Next, you will need a pair of Duncan sticker response Mod Spacers. In this instance, we chose to use the Red pair to match with our nice and bright orange Freehand Zero, giving a cool and unique look to our yo-yo. Another benefit that comes with using/adding the Mod Spacers would be that it allows the Spinner to mix and match colors according to his/her preference.

Along with the Mod Spacers, you will need the regular Duncan bearing and spacers. These Mod Spacers, bearing and spacers are the exact same ones used in the Duncan Pro-Z.

Most importantly, you will need to get a longer axle to assemble all of these items together. This longer axle is readily available together with the Duncan Offstring Mod Spacers. If not, you could check out your local D.I.Y. store to see if they have long hex-nut axles in stock. Without this longer axle, you will not be able to screw together your Freehand Zero with the added Mod Spacers.

Now, with all those parts, assemble all of them together and this is what you should get. For the Mod Spacers that we are using, we chose to stick with the stock response that is Duncan Friction Stickers. However, if you prefer something less responsive and longer lasting, we would recommend using the Duncan Silicone Stickers or any other Small bearing stickers available out there like IrPads, etc.

Now, let us give it a whirl and see how it is! After adding our favorite Kitty String to our yo-yo and giving it a throw, we realised that there is a slight tinge of wobble to the yo-yo. This is due to the largeness of it. If you find that your yo-yo is wobbling like Santa's belly, one way to fix it is to remove the axle from the yo-yo halve, turn it one hex-nut adjustment to the left, reassemble the yo-yo and try again. Keep repeating this step till you find that sweet spot where the yo-yo doesn't wobble as much, and you are good to go.

The super wide gap on this yo-yo allows Spinners to perform and learn string tricks with ease.

Aiming, and landing the yo-yo on the string has never been easier, and this is definitely due to the added Mod Spacers. The Freehand Zero with Mod Spacers is good for Spinners wanting to perform string tricks but can't afford expensive metal yo-yos that come with huge gap widths.

Just to recap on our Yo-Yo Setup of the Month.

Freehand Zero with Mod Spacers

1) Duncan Freehand Zero (AP edition)
2) Duncan sticker response Mod Spacers (Red)
3) Stock Size A (Small) bearing & Duncan Spacers
4) Longer Duncan Axle (Comes with Offstring Mod Spacers)
5) Duncan Friction Stickers
6) Normal Kitty String (Blue/Pink)

And there you have it. Our Yo-Yo Setup for the Month of January! Stay tuned for our next installment of Yo-Yo Setup of the Month.

In the meantime, do let us know YOUR setup of the month. Drop us either a comment right below, or give us a shout out on our Facebook page with the title - My Yo-Yo Setup of the Month, and show us what you got!

Till then,
Super Squirrel signing off!~

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