Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spinworkx Best of 2012

2012 is gone and past, and as we look forward to 2013, here are the main yo-yos that were highly sought after / most popular and most wanted in 2012.

Most popular Beginner Plastic Yo-Yo

#1 - Yoyofactory FAST 201

#2 - Duncan Pulse

Most popular Advanced Plastic Yo-Yo

#1 - Yoyofactory Grind Machine

#2 - Adegle PSG

#3 (Tied) - Yoyofactory Protostar / Yoyojam Dark Magic 2

Most popular Affordable Metal Yo-Yo

#1 - Duncan Echo 

#2 - C3 Token

#3 - Yoyofactory DV888

Most popular High-end Metal Yo-Yo

#1 - Yoyorecreation Sleipnir

#2 - Yoyofactory Supernova

#3 - Yoyofactory Genesis

Most popular 2A Yo-Yo

#1 - Yoyofactory Loop 900

#2 - Yoyojam Unleashed

Most popular 4A Yo-Yo

#1 - Yoyojam Fiesta XX

#2 - Duncan Hayabusa

Most popular Yo-Yo Strings

#1 - 100% Yellow Polyester

#2 - 100% Green Polyester

Most popular Yo-Yo Accessories

#1 - Yoyojam Thin Lube

#2 - Yoyojam Takeshi Counterweight

Most popular Yo-Yo Bearings

#1 - Dif-e-yo Konkave Bearing (Large)

#2 - Central Bearing Co. Centre Trac Bearing (Large)

Looking back at the list of most popular yo-yos from 2012, they are definitely ones that should be in every players collection. Whether you are a 1A, 2A or 4A player, these are the ones to have!

We are really looking forward to the 2013 list. There are exciting new yo-yos to be released in 2013, and we would like to see whether the new releases will be able to over take those from 2012, or will the old guard continue to reign supreme.

Before we go, if you are missing any of these Best of 2012 yo-yos from your collection, you can always pick them up from Spinworkx. We guarantee that they won't leave you feeling disappointed!

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