Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #4 - Trapeze Brother

#4 - Trapeze Brother

The next installment of our First Mount series is a step further in sidestyle tricks. After learning the Trapeze, the next thing to know is the Trapeze Brother. If you are able to land the Trapeze consistently, the Trapeze Brother should not be tough to master.

The main difference between the Trapeze and the Trapeze Brother, is that you will have string segments on both of your fingers. Furthermore, instead on the yo-yo flipping over and landing on your left, the Trapeze Brother lands on your right (assuming you are right handed).

Here is the breakdown for the Trapeze Brother.

Firstly, throw a straight Breakaway. Ensure that the string and yo-yo is parallel to your body.

Once the Breakaway is thrown, stick out your left finger, but instead of the string hitting the bottom of your finger and flipping over like the Trapeze, let the string fall back onto the top of your finger, and the yo-yo will now swing towards your right. There will be a direction change here as the yo-yo lands on the top of your left finger before swinging to the right.

Now, as the yo-yo swings right, try to bring both your fingers slightly closer together to allow sufficient string for the yo-yo to swing up and over your right index finger before landing onto the string.

Once the yo-yo has landed onto the string, move both hands slightly closer together once again, to give it sufficient slack for the yo-yo to stay spinning on the string.

And once you get the yo-yo spinning on the string, you have successfully done the Trapeze Brother.

A few pointers to take note of when learning this trick:
1) Throughout the duration of the trick, try to keep all your fingers, except your index finger, tucked in so that they do not get in the way of the string as the yo-yo swings.
2) Try to keep the yo-yo and string parallel to your body at all times.
3) If your initial throw is completely un-parallel to your body, catch the yo-yo and try the trick again.

That is all we have for #4 of the Spinworkx First Mount Project.
If you have any questions or feedback, do leave us a comment or drop us a message on our Facebook Page.

Till the next installment of the First Mount Project,
Keep Spinning!~

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