Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spinworkx Store at Suntec City Farewell Party

Spinworkx Store at Suntec City: ~2008 to 2013~

This weekend will be the last weekend that we will be in Suntec City (Yes we are moving out to a new location), and we would like to reminisce on the past 5 years of our store at Suntec City, Singapore.

The 4 different store locations within the Happy Kids Zone.

Our beloved friend, Abisaurus.

All the different store assistants whose contributions have been invaluable!

All the chill-out sessions, practice sessions, rehearsals, freestyle practice sessions, the contests and all.

The friends we made, the good times we shared, the challenges we face, and continue to face.

The smiles, the tears, the disagreements, the progression, and the future.

We would like to invite all our friends, that's YOU, to join us this Saturday (23/2/2013), 6pm, at the Spinworkx Store Suntec City, to join in the farewell party, to bid farewell to our premises at Suntec City, to find out where we are moving to, and to eat the free food that we will have!

What: Spinworkx at Suntec City Farewell Party
Where: Spinworkx Store at Suntec City
Who: Everyone!!
When: 23/2/2013 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm

See everyone this Saturday, and keep Spinning!~

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