Monday, 25 February 2013

Spotlight Player: Darren Tan

Darren is one of the new up-and-coming players here in Singapore. Having played for over a year, he is improving every day with regards to the tricks he creates and his style of play. Over time and with more practice, Darren is going to be one of the big 1A players here in Singapore. Friendly but a little shy, Darren is a cool guy!

Name: Darren Tan

D.O.B.: 17 March 1999

Country: Singapore

Handed: Right

Style of play: 1A

Number of years Spinning: 1.5 years

Sponsor: N/A

Favorite yo-yos: Turning Point Leviathan 1 & Turning Point Positron

Other Hobbies: Music & Anime

Favorite color: Red

Why yo-yos?
"It allows me to express my feelings through the tricks I perform."

Favorite Trick that Darren loves to perform:

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