Friday, 15 February 2013

Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: Yoyofactory Onestar (Paul Han Champions Edition)

Wow, it's already been a month??

Nonetheless it has been a good month for yo-yos!

If you have been following the Spinning scene on YouTube and all your favorite social media sites, you would have seen all the great videos coming out from creative and awesome players the world over.

Now, for this month, we have chosen a relatively new throw that has just been launched a week or two ago.

Onestar (Paul Han Champions Edition)

The Yoyofactory Onestar made its pre-production debut at the Bay Area Classic contest in the US last year (2012), and has been one of the main plastic yo-yos players have been looking out for. From looking at the yo-yo, it will definitely bring to mind the Yoyofactory Protostar, as the shape looks similar, but the Onestar has a different feel from the Protostar or Northstar. 

The gap view of the Onestar looks just like a Protostar or Northstar, but the Onestar does not come with weight rings in the halves, and it has a more solid feeling core. Furthermore, the Onestar uses a completely new and improved plastic as compared to other 1A yo-yos from Yoyofactory. It also has a blasted surface that makes the yo-yo great for grind tricks.

The reason why the Onestar is named the One-Star is due to its combined elements from two of Yoyofactorys most popular models, the One and the Protostar. With its shape like the Protostar and the same plastic material of the One, the Onestar is a great yo-yo for new Spinners looking to delve into the realm of unresponsive play, or for advanced Spinners looking to pick up an affordable, durable and spectacular new throw to practice and create tricks with.

Now let us take a look at the insides of the Onestar, and how we chose to set it up.

For the Onestar, we chose to leave it stock, exactly how it came straight out of the box. We did not need to make any changes or modifications to the Onestar, and straight after unpacking it and throwing on a string, it could pull off any tricks we threw at it.

The string we chose to use on the Onestar is regular Yellow 100% Polyester string. 

The stock Onestar comes with a Centre Trac bearing and CBC white silicone pads for response. If you wish to make adjustments to your Onestar yo-yo, you may like to consider changing the pads in this yo-yo to something more suited to the purpose of your play. Try out the Red CBC silicone pads if you plan to use this yo-yo for competitions, or the Natural/Blue Pads you are like grippy and long lasting response.

Like we mentioned before, the Onestar is a great yo-yo straight out of the package. It spins long, the string is always centered, the colors are catchy and bright and it is truly an amazing throw.

The Onestar is nice and wide, and is very stable on the string. This could be attributed to its wide, H-shaped Butterfly profile that it sports. It is a perfect yo-yo for new Spinners who are looking for an affordable and unresponsive throw.

Just to recap on our Yo-Yo Setup of the Month.

Onestar (Paul Han Champions Edition)

1) Yoyofactory Onestar
2) CBC White Silicone pads (Any other CBC pads will work as well; Personal preference)
3) CBC Centre Trac bearing
4) 100% Polyester Yellow String

And that is our Yo-Yo Setup of the Month for February. Stay tuned for our next installment of Yo-Yo Setup of the Month!

In the meantime, do let us know YOUR setup of the month. Drop us a comment below, or shout out to us on our Facebook page with the title - My Yo-Yo Setup of the Month, and show us what you've got!

Till next time,
Super Squirrel signing off~


  1. I recieved one in a trade and its super responsive im relatively new to yoyoing and im learning tricks like ninja vanish and tricks of that type and it just returns when I pop the yoyo up to pull of the trick I was told to buy a new bearing but would like to know if I can do anything to fix it if it just a natural problem for it and I never recieved the center trac with it just a spec

    1. When you try to spin the bearing, does it spin freely?

      You could try to clean the bearing.

      If cleaning does not work, you could either,
      1) Bring it down to our store at Spinworkx for us to take a look
      2) Purchase a new bearing

    2. Yeah it spins freely but when I yank the yoyo up it returns like a stock yomega maverick I already cleaned it im going to reclean it then try it but if I doesnt get fixed ill tell you guys


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