Wednesday, 6 March 2013

FRESH: C3yoyodesign Alpha Crash

Name: Alpha Crash
Bearing Size: Large (Size C)
Response: C3 Silicone Pads

The Alpha Crash by C3yoyodesign is their very first full plastic (their Delrin Halo & Sceptre does not count!), affordable, eye-catching and unresponsive yo-yo that was first introduced in 2012 for players who wanted a great playing, yet affordable yo-yo to throw, practice and create tricks with. After having tried it for ourselves, we could not agree more that the Alpha Crash is a yo-yo built for affordability, performance and to unleash ones creativity.

C3yoyodesign creators Walter, Simpson and Ron have been putting out yo-yos that not only cater to what yo-yo players are looking for in yo-yos, they put in effort to ensure that their yo-yos are made to the exact specifications to what they want in their yo-yos. The look of each yo-yo and the performance of each yo-yo is not by chance.

The Alpha Crash may be a plastic yo-yo made for widespread distribution, but that does not mean that it has any compromises. Each Alpha Crash plays just how a modern, unresponsive, advanced yo-yo should play like, and they come in eye-catching and bright colors, a great way to attract new Spinners to try their hand in yo-yoing.

The current run of Alpha Crash comes in 4 stunning colors. Purple Body with Yellow Sidecaps, Yellow Body with White Sidecaps, Light Blue Body with White Sidecaps and Red Body with Yellow Sidecaps (not pictured above).

Many players have said that the shape and size of the Alpha Crash is similar to the Berserker, also by C3yoyodesign. Having said that, they are not wrong at all!
Berserker RX

Alpha Crash
The Alpha Crash is essentially the same shape and sports the same profile as the Berserker / Berserker RX, but instead of the metal-make of the Berserker, the Alpha Crash is made of plastic, and does not sport the inner metal weight ring that the Berserker has.

As we can see from the picture above, the Alpha Crash uses large bearing silicone stickers for response and a large size C bearing. It also uses a metal spacer system that the bearing sits on, allowing the yo-yo to spin long and freely. The large bearing and silicone response set-up is the most common set-up found in most modern day, advanced yo-yos. This allows the yo-yo to perform long spinning, jaw-dropping technical tricks, unlike yo-yos from back in the day.

The C3yoyodesign Alpha Crash is a yo-yo that is great for players who are starting to learn advanced string tricks that require a bind-return without needing to break the bank to purchase. It is also a handy yo-yo for players who love to create new tricks, but are afraid of 'dinging' their yo-yo on the ground. The Alpha Crash is definitely a yo-yo to add to your collection of throws, and it will leave you amazed at what it can pull off.

The C3yoyodesign Alpha Crash is available at Spinworkx today!
Get them while they are still in stock.

**Berserker & Berserker RX images provided by C3yoyodesign.

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