Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #5 - Frontstyle Split Bottom Mount

#5 - Frontstyle Split Bottom Mount

The First Mount series was thought up to showcase all the various ways and means a player can begin his/her trick composition with, and this is yet another fundamental Mount that every Spinner must know. The Frontstyle Split Bottom Mount is the main Mount for tricks such as Atomic Bomb, Split the Atom, Atomic Fire, Boing-e-Boing, etc.

Unlike the Braintwister Mount that just involves one string segment, the Frontstyle Split Bottom Mount requires the player to create two string segments before the yo-yo lands onto the string.

After practicing, and being comfortable with the Frontstyle Under Mount, the movement of the Under Mount would be the same as when the yo-yo flips over onto the string for the Split Bottom Mount.

If you are performing this trick for the first time without sufficient practice of the Frontstyle Under Mount, you may find it a little daunting, or difficult to hit. However, keep practicing, trying, adjusting your hand positions and you will be hitting it like a Pro in no time!

To perform the Frontstyle Split Bottom Mount, start off with a nice, hard, long Sleeper.

Once the yo-yo is thrown, lift up the string with your left index finger (assuming you are right-handed and the yo-yo is tied to your right hand). 

After lifting the string up with your left index finger, stick out your right index finger. While doing this, swing the yo-yo from the front, towards and under your right index finger.

When the yo-yo is swinging towards your right index, allow the string just above the yo-yo to hit your finger, flip over and land onto the string in a 'mini' Under Mount looking Mount.

Once the yo-yo has Mounted onto the string, you have successfully performed the Frontstyle Split Bottom Mount.

A few pointers to take note of when learning this trick:
1) When lifting the string up with your left index finger initially, try to lift it up slightly less than halfway to allow for sufficient string 'space' for the yo-yo and string to hit and flip over your right index finger.
2) Always ensure that the yo-yo is still spinning straight and is in the same axis as the string segments, and the string it is going to land once it has flipped over.
3) Just like the Frontstyle Under Mount, if you feel it is hard to get the yo-yo to flip over onto the string, try swinging it back and forth a little, giving it enough momentum to flip over your finger and onto the string.
4) Try to aim the yo-yo to successfully flip onto the string, and not just go through the motion of flipping the yo-yo over your finger.
5) Throughout the entire trick, always keep all your fingers tucked in (except your index fingers), so that they do not get in the way when performing the Mount.

Once you have mastered the Frontstyle Split Bottom Mount, you are on your way to learning amazing and eye-catching tricks like Split the Atom, Boing-e-Boing, Mach-5, etc!

That is all we have for #5 of the Spinworkx First Mount Project.
If you have any questions or feedback, do leave us a comment or drop us a message on our Facebook Page.

Till the next installment of the First Mount Project,
Keep Spinning!~

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