Friday, 12 April 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #6 - Inverse Trapeze

Spinworkx First Mount #6 - Inverse Trapeze

So, after having mastered the Trapeze, the Inverse Trapeze should be a walk in the park for you!

To be honest, the Inverse Trapeze is considered by many to be easier than the actual Trapeze as you do not need to flip the yo-yo over your finger onto the string. All you have to do is to move the string to have the yo-yo sit onto it.

So this is how the Inverse Trapeze goes.

First, throw a breakaway just like how you would do a Trapeze.

However, instead of having the string hit the bottom of your index finger and flipping over, land the string on the top of your index finger. This makes your finger a pivot for the yoyo and the string.

Once this is done, move your throwing hand down and sit the yo-yo onto the string. When you have done this, your hands should be crossed.

Tadah! What you have done is called the Inverse Trapeze.

Pointers to take note of when learning this trick:
1) There are no big pointers to note as this trick is pretty straight forward. Just ensure the yo-yo is spinning straight and not tilting, and the yo-yo and trick are all in the same plane.

That's all for #6 of the Spinworkx First Mount project.
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Don't stop Spinning!~

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