Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spotlight Player: Hassan Marialis

Hassan is a Spinner that is not just awesome and super fun to hang out with, he is also one of the most creative and innovative players in the world. If you ever need someone to have a friendly chat with, someone to teach you tricks or someone to work on new tricks with, Hassan is your guy. His cheerful spirit and attitude is always refreshing to have around, and if we could, we would hang with him all the time. Thankfully, Malaysia is just a Causeway away!

Name: Hassan Marialis

D.O.B.: 25 October 1988

Country: Malaysia

Handed: Right

Style of play: 1A & 3A

Number of years Spinning: 9 years

Sponsor: Werrd

Favorite yo-yo: Irony JP

Other Hobbies: Dance, Rap, Streetball

Favorite color: Blue

Why yo-yos?
"It is fun and you can play it anywhere, anytime!"

A little peek at some of Hassan's favorite tricks:

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