Friday, 31 May 2013

Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: Duncan Freakhand

May has been a rather gloomy month, and what better way to round off the month than with a gloomy, freakish yo-yo, the Duncan Freakhand!

The Freakhand is a beast when it comes to 5A, or Freehand, play. Let us take a look at how we chose to set it up, and the little adjustments we made to ensure our Freakhand played to exactly how we wanted it to.


The Duncan Freakhand is essential a Freehand 2010, the updated version of the popular Freehand yo-yo from Duncan. The Freakhand, just like the Freehand 2010, comes with the highly requested 'Sticker Recessed' response, that allows the yo-yo to be smoother on the string, as well as slightly more unresponsive as compared to the original Freehand from back in the day. Specially built for 5A play, the Freakhand is one of the best, full plastic, 5A yo-yos on the market today.

The Freakhand may have scary graphics on its sidecaps, but do not let that scare you away from throwing it. The Freakhand comes in translucent colors that really makes the yo-yo look cool and semi-transparent. Don't you just love it when you can look through a yo-yo and check out the entire 'inner-workings' of your yo-yo? Well, we do!

Looking at the gap view of the Freakhand, we can see that the shape is the exact same as the Freehand from back in the day. With its nice, round Butterfly shaped body, the Freakhand is comfortable in hand, and plays great. For our 5A setup, we chose to go with a nice, rubber, bouncy ball instead of a dice for the nice cushioning it provides.

Now let us take a look at what is on the inside!

The Freakhand is awesome just the way it is even when it is stock. However, we chose to set it up a little differently than when it came out of the package to maximize the potential it has for tough 5A tricks.

The string we chose to use for the Freakhand is the 100% Polyester Normal Yellow Kitty Strings.

As for the Pads, we chose to stick to the stock Friction Stickers. However, we wore them in halfway, to ensure that they are nice and unresponsive, yet still have tight and reliable binds.

The Bearing we chose is the Size A (Small) Konkave bearing, to keep the string centered throughout the entire 5A tricks that we were practicing.

With all these chosen settings, the Freakhand played oh-so nice and smooth!

Here is a close up shot of our rubber bouncy ball, the Size A Konkave bearing and the Freakhand halves. For a yo-yo that is cheap and affordable, the Freakhand really gives you more bang for your buck.

Here, you can see the recessed area of the Friction Sticker, as well as the worn Friction Sticker that makes the yo-yo play so good.

Remember, the Freakhand is a great 5A yo-yo. However, do not under estimate its ability to perform 1A tricks as well. What is the difference between setting it up for 1A and 5A you may ask? Well just take a look at the image above. If you want to set it up for 5A, tie the Counterweight to the string and viola. If not, just set it up the same as all your other 1A yo-yos for a superb Single Handed tricks yo-yo.

The Freakhand is definitely no push-over. A definite worthwhile throw for both 1A and 5A. That's our yo-yo setup for the month of May! Next month shall be even better, and just to recap our yo-yo of the month, here it is.


1) Duncan Freakhand
2) Duncan Friction Stickers
3) 100% Polyester Normal Yellow Kitty Strings
4) Dif-e-yo Small (Size A) Konkave Bearing

And that is our Yo-Yo Setup of the Month. Stay tuned for the next installment. But wait! We are not done yet. We shall leave you with a video of the Freakhand's TWIN brother, the Freehand 2010, that was played straight out of the package to prove that this yo-yo is awesome without even needing to change anything. Enjoy!

Once again, do let us know YOUR Yo-Yo Setup of the Month. Drop us a comment below, leave us a message on our Facebook Page with the title - My Yo-Yo Setup of the Month, or tag your setup with a picture on our Instagram Page, with #spinworkx #yoyoofthemonth. 

Till next time, 
Super Squirrel Go Go Go!~


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