Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Spotlight Player: Brian Low

Brian is really good at yo-yo tricks, teaching kids, discussing about life, the universe and everything, and is exceptionally good at making funny faces! He is another up-and-coming Spinner from Singapore, and specialises in Single Hand tricks. After SYYC 2012, Brian has officially been promoted to the Pro Division and will be going up against some of the best in the World at the up-coming AP and  Singapore Competitions. Being one of the 5 finalists at the recent sOMEThING World Singapore, keep an eye out for Brian as he dazzles you with his fancy and unique 1A tricks.

Name: Brian Low

D.O.B.: 28 July 1990

Country: Singapore

Handed: Right

Style of play: 1A

Number of years Spinning: 3 years

Sponsor: N/A

Favorite yo-yo: CLYW Chief, Top Yo Earth, Hspin NvX

Other Hobbies: Video Production, Video gaming & Drawing

Favorite color: Black

Favorite Spinners: Zach Gormley, Jensen Kimmitt, Jason Cheow

Why yo-yos?
"It helps to relieve stress, it's unique, and you can do it anytime, anywhere!"

Here are some of Brian's favorite tricks:

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