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Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: SPYY El Ranchero

Almost halfway through the year already and what better way to celebrate mid-year than to showcase one of the yo-yo worlds finest, most unique and best looking yo-yos around. Having said that, not only does this yo-yo look so good, it plays stellar as well.

Presenting to you, the SPYY El Ranchero!

El Ranchero

When SPYY first came out with the Pistolero, it garnered rave reviews and special mentions were for the uniqueness of how the yo-yo was designed. With intricate designs on the rims of the yo-yo and 'bullet-shooter' holes on the sides of the yo-yo, it was truly a work of art. However, as time went by, and player tastes changed, the Pistolero did not fit with the modern, high-speed performance competition-grade yo-yo that players needed.

However, SPYY had something in the works, and the El Ranchero was exactly that. A modern remake of the beloved Pistolero, the El Ranchero combines the aesthetics of the Pistolero with updated specifications of the modern, competition-grade yo-yo.

SPYY, hailing from Canada, is one of the most well known, independent yo-yo manufacturers in recent times. With an awesome sponsored team to their name, SPYY not only has spectacular players, they produce superb yo-yos. This is evident in the El Ranchero. Another unique point about SPYY is that their yo-yos don't just look different, they feel and play different as well.

Looking into the gap view of the El Ranchero, we can see that it is heavily rim-weighted with that outstanding 'H-shaped' profile. Being 'H-shaped', the El Ranchero is able to pull of long spin-times, and is incredibly balanced. The rounded inner portion of the yo-yo halves allows strings to fall comfortably into the gap without the yo-yo losing any spin time.

What we absolutely love about modern day yo-yos is that they play great straight out of the package. The El Ranchero is no exception. The yo-yo that we are throwing is the exact same one that came in package. The only thing we changed is that we chose to use 1.5 Poly/Nylon Kitty Strings instead of 100% Polyster Strings. This 1.5 Poly/Nylon strings is a collaboration between Kitty Strings and IrPads.

The Pads used are regular white CBC Silicone Pads.

The Bearing used is a regular, clean, C size bearing.

We just cannot get over how awesome this yo-yo looks. Taking a closer look at the 'bullet-shooter' holes on the yo-yo halves, we can see that it looks just like the cylinder of a gun where the bullets are loaded into. The concept of this was taken from the original Pistolero. Being made to look like a traditional, western guy, the El Ranchero takes all these qualities from the Pistolero and improves on them.

Moving on to the rims of the El Ranchero, the intricate engravings makes this yo-yo stand out in any collection. Such a delight to look at!

Now, for our string choice. Kitty Strings all come untied. This means that the finger loop is not pre-tied, and players will need to tied their own loops before being able to use the string. The benefit of having strings come this way is that players will be able to adjust the string to their height and length before using it, ensuring that the string is exactly to their liking. Do not mistaken the 2 ends of the string though. The end with the knot is to be used to tie the finger loop, and the other end goes onto the yo-yo.

Remember to tie a dead-knot on the finger loop end of the string before using the string.

The El Ranchero spins long and fast. With the weight pushed out towards the rims, the El Ranchero is truly a delight, not just to look at, but to play as well. If you want your collection of yo-yos to stand out, this is definitely a must!

Just to recap on our yo-yo setup of the month, here goes.

El Ranchero

1) SPYY El Ranchero
2) CBC White Silicone Pads
3) 1.5 Nylon/Polyester Kitty Strings
4) Large (Size C) Bearing

Before we go, we will be leaving you with a video done by Alexis JV of SPYY of what the El Ranchero is capable of. Enjoy!

Once again, do let us know YOUR Yo-Yo Setup of the Month. Drop us a comment below, leave us a message on our Facebook Page with the title - My Yo-Yo Setup of the Month, or tag your setup with a picture on our Instagram Page, with #spinworkx #yoyoofthemonth. 

Till next time, 
Super Squirrel out!

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