Thursday, 25 July 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #11 - Hydrogen Bomb Mount

The Hydrogen Bomb was one of the first few yo-yo string tricks that was developed in the late 1990s. It was a string trick that was coupled together with Split the Atom / Atomic Bomb hence the name Hydrogen Bomb and the Mount for the Hydrogen Bomb is unique and a little different from regular mounts. The Hydrogen Bomb Mount may be uncommon, but that is exactly what makes it special, as players can use the Hydrogen Bomb Mount and transit to other complex mounts for their intricate string combos.

Now, let us take a in-depth look into how to pull off the Hydrogen Bomb Mount.

First, throw a hard Breakaway.

Once the yo-yo has been thrown, let the yo-yo string hit the bottom of your non-throwing index finger and let it continue to swing around and downwards, behind the string segment that is tied to your finger.

After this, slightly tilt your body to face the side of your non-throwing hand, and point your throwing hand index finger inwards, towards you.

Let the yo-yo swing around your throwing hand index finger and hit the string into a mount.

Once the yo-yo lands onto the string, bring your finger close to the string segment, 'craddling' the yo-yo in between.

What you have got here is the Hydrogen Bomb Mount.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Hydrogen Bomb Mount:
1) Always keep the yo-yo swinging in one plane/axis to ensure that the yo-yo goes exactly where you want it to go.
2) Before the yo-yo flips over your index finger into the mount, ensure that your finger is positioned perpendicular to the yo-yo flip to ensure that it hits and mounts the string.
3) Practice doing the Hydrogen Bomb Mount slowly before trying to speed it up.

That wraps up #11 of the Spinworkx First Mount Project.
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Till the next installment,
Keep Spinning!~

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