Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #12 - Sidestyle Wrist Mount

The Wrist Mount is possibly one of the coolest Mounts out there in the Spinning world, and it sure does look cool and nifty. Initially, the Wrist Mount may look a little daunting to perfect as missing strings or making a wrong hope may lead to a knot, but fear not! With practice, you will be astounding and amazing your friends in no time.

This Mount got its name from the obvious fact that you will need to swing the yo-yo and string over your wrist to get into the Mount. Once you are in the Mount and the yo-yo is sitting on the string, it will be hanging on the wrist of your throwing-hand.

Without further ado, lets see how to perform the Sidestyle Wrist Mount.

First, throw a Breakaway (sounds familiar?) and swing the yo-yo around your non-throwing hand index finger just like performing a Double or Nothing, etc.

Once it is over your non-throwing hand finger, swing it over to your throwing hand but instead of the yo-yo string landing on your throwing hand finger, have it land on the top of your throwing hand wrist and then let it continue swinging over to your non-throwing hand.

When it is swinging back around your non-throwing hand, let it hit your non-throwing hand index finger (similar to Double or Nothing) but aim the yo-yo to land between the 'triangle that has formed by the two string segments that are (1)over your wrist and (2) string tied/attached to your middle finger.

You will need to land the yo-yo onto the bottom string, between the 'triangle'.

Once you have landed the yo-yo onto the string, in between the 'triangle', let go of all the strings on your non-throwing hand, and there you have it, the Sidestyle Wrist Mount.

The Sidestyle Wrist Mount is well known to be the first step in difficult Wrist Mount tricks such as Spirit Bomb, Superman, etc. These tricks may be tough at first, but practice your tricks step by step and take it slow and steady. Once you are able to master one component of the trick, move on and work on the subsequent steps and you will be pulling off Wrist Mount tricks like a breeze.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Sidestyle Wrist Mount:
1) Practice, Practice, Practice!!
2) Try to aim the yo-yo to fall in-between the strings before landing on the bottom string into the Wrist Mount. Don't just swing it around and around and hope it lands correctly.
3) Try to open the 'triangle' bigger so that it will be easier for the yo-yo to land in-between. You can do this by moving the string slightly further up your throwing hand wrist.

That is all for #12 of the Spinworkx First Mount Project.
If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note here, or shout out to us at our Facebook page.
You can also show off your Sidestyle Wrist Mount by tagging us on our Instagram Page, with @spinworkxsg #firstmount. 

Till the next installment,
Keep Spinning!~

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