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Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: sOMEThING SUPERFLY Remix

After the busy contest season (Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships & World Yo-Yo Contest) winds down, things are not slowing down on the Spinning front, with players more inspired and driven after the 2 biggest contests on the planet. So coming out of BIG contests, what better way to continue this tradition than with another awesome yo-yo.

Take a look at this beauty, the sOMEThING SUPERFLY Remix (Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2013 Edition).


When sOMEThING first came out with the original 7075 SUPERFLY, people found it good but wanted more out of their throw. Not that the SUPERFLY was not a good yo-yo but everyone just felt that something (pun not intended) was lacking. Then sOMEThING creator, Hiroyuki Suzuki had an idea. Why not mash up two of his yo-yos together to create a throw that brought the best of both worlds together. What you see in the SUPERFLY Remix is exactly that.

When players like Christopher Chia and Kazuya Murata tried the SUPERFLY Remix, they loved it so much that they just had to get their hands on one. In Kazuya's case, he continues to use the SUPERFLY Remix up to this day, choosing it as his main throw for the Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2013.

sOMEThING by YoYoAddict is an independent yo-yo manufacturer from Japan, and the owner Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey) is a 4-time World Yo-Yo Champion in the 1A division. Mickey has been well known to be flashy and loves to product and use things that are outstanding and eye-catching. The SUPERFLY Remix is no different.

The SUPERFLY Remix features the nice and wide profile of the original SUPERFLY but with the rims that are just like the ANGLE. Not only does this give it a more comfortable feel in the hand, it adds a touch more balance to the weight, providing just enough rim weight for super long spin-times, and yet still keeping the overall weight distributed fairly.

The SUPERFLY Remix requires no modifications or setting up straight out of the package. It uses a clean ADC bearing (concaved-shaped) that is sOMEThING's very own bearing, and sOMEThING Pads for tighter binds. When playing with a sOMEThING yo-yo, it is evident that their yo-yos are able to bind tighter than any other modern day, large bearing yo-yos. This is due to the fact that the pads stick out of the yo-yo just a little more than other yo-yos, providing spectacular binds for players.

For our choice of string to accompany the SUPERFLY Remix, we chose to use regular Green 100% Poly Strings. These regular Poly Strings gives the yo-yo a nice solid throw, keeping the yo-yo unresponsive for those fast, long-spinning combos Hiroyuki does in his contest-winning freestyles.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the SUPERFLY Remix uses a concaved-shaped bearing known as the ADC bearing. This is the Addict bearing that is found in almost the entire range of yo-yos from sOMEThING by YoYoAddict. This bearing comes clean and dry out of the box, guaranteeing that these yo-yos are built for modern day unresponsive and competitive play.

Another nice little touch that sOMEThING presented on the SUPERFLY Remix was the printing of the yo-yo logo on the front-facing rims on the yo-yo. This gives the impression that the logo is being magnified outwards from the heart of the yo-yo all the way to the edge. This is not commonly seen in other yo-yos, and adds a classy touch to the yo-yo's presentation.

The SUPERFLY Remix spins long and smooth with its stock setup. Furthermore, with the ADC bearing, you can rest assured that the string will constantly stay centered throughout the course of your entire trick or combo. With the way the yo-yo is designed, players will be able to feel the stability and solidness that the SUPERFLY Remix provides.

Just to recap on our yo-yo setup of the month.


1) sOMEThING SUPERFLY Remix (AP 2013 Edition)
2) sOMEThING Type 1 Pads
3) 100% Polyester String (Green)
4) Large ADC Bearing

Now just to show you what the SUPERFLY Remix is capable of, here is a video of 6 year old Kazuya Murata at the Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2013 throwing his favorite SUPERFLY Remix and tearing up the stage. Power-packed all in such a small package. Enjoy!

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