Monday, 30 September 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #14 - White Buddha Mount

White Buddha is one of the most popular tricks players will learn when they delve into the world of string tricks. Upon first looking at it, it may seem like a long, daunting and difficult trick. However, with time, practice and some determination, you will get the trick in no time.

The White Buddha, just like the Green Triangle from First Mount #13, was created by Paul Escolar from the Duncan Crew. Back in the early 2000s, Paul Escolar, together with the guys from Spindox, were the ones players looked to for fresh and cool new tricks. Here we are over 10 years later, and White Buddha still remains as one of the most popular string tricks around.

If you are able to perform the Double or Nothing, Green Triangle and 1.5 Mount, the White Buddha Mount should not be too hard to hit. Let us take a look at how its done.

Firstly, throw a long, straight Breakaway.

Let the yo-yo swing around your non-throwing hand index finger, just like a Double or Nothing, 1.5 mount, etc.

Do not land the yo-yo onto the string, but let it continue swinging around to your throwing hand index finger.

Up till this point, the trick should look like you are performing a Sidestyle 1.5 Mount.

Once the string lands onto your throwing hand index finger, let it swing around and hit the top of the string segment that just swung around your throwing hand index finger, making a triangle of sorts in the air.

Then, let the yo-yo drop from that top string, down onto the string segment below. Once the yo-yo lands onto the bottom string, bring your hands slightly closer together to allow the yo-yo to sit comfortably on the string without it dropping off.

That is the White Buddha Mount!

From this Mount, you can proceed to swing the yo-yo into a Sidestyle 1.5 Mount, and then move on to tricks like White Buddha, Buddha's Revenge, etc.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the White Buddha Mount:
1) While performing the White Buddha Mount, tuck in all your fingers, except the Index Fingers on both hands.
2) While the yo-yo is swinging into the top string before dropping onto the bottom string, always aim the yo-yo to hit the top string instead of just swinging it and hoping it does.
3) When the White Buddha Mount is being performed, try to keep the yo-yo and all the strings in one straight plane.
4) Let the momentum from the initial Breakaway carry the yo-yo around your fingers and into the Mount.

That is all for this edition of the Spinworkx First Mount Project.
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Till the next Mount comes around,
Keep Spinning!~

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