Thursday, 26 September 2013

Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: blksens Imarc

Over all these months of showcasing our Yo-Yo Setup of the Month, we realised we have yet to feature an Offstring yo-yo, and now is as good a time as any to!

With the blk-ops event in Singapore just over a couple of weeks ago, we got to try out and test the first Offstring yo-yo offering from blksens. The Imarc is a durable, solid, delrin Offstring throw that is more affordable than other delrin Offstring yo-yos on the market today, without compromising on quality. Here is how we set-up our very own Imarc.


blksens is a relatively new company hailing from Hong Kong, and has already produced 4 yo-yos (Two 1A yo-yos, One 2A yo-yo and One 4A yo-yo). Run by 5A player Calvin Wong Siu Tung, blksens makes yo-yos from listening to what their team members prefer in their throws, and builds its all from the ground up.

The Imarc Offstring yo-yo is the preferred throw of blksens team member Lam Yan Ting, who is one of the top Offstring players in Hong Kong. The yo-yo is weighty to give each throw a powerful, long spin, allowing the player to pull-off various Offstring combos and regenerations to win titles.

The Imarc Offstring yo-yo is clean, simple and minimal. It does not feature dazzling graphics or designs on the yo-yo, but lets the player do all the 'wow-ing' when it is in play.

The gap of the Imarc, just like any other Offstring yo-yo, is an incredibly wide Butterfly shape that allows the yo-yo to land onto the string with ease whenever the player is performing whips, toss-and-catches, etc. Furthermore, another feature we love about the Imarc is that the gap of the Imarc is adjustable. So players will be able to set how narrow they prefer the gap to be, making it easier for regenerations, or wider, making it easier for longer spins and various whips.

The rounded Butterfly shape allows the yo-yo to sit comfortably in the players hand, and whenever the yo-yo falls off or misses the string, the round rims allow the yo-yo to bounce off the floor up to a safe height to catch it back onto the string.

The Imarc does not require any changes to it but in this instance, we chose to set it up with a few slight modifications. Instead of the stock bearing that comes with the Imarc, we chose to use a YoYoJam Speed Bearing instead for long and clean spin times. The response pads that are used are the stock silicone pads from blksens. They provided us with tight and reliable binds, so we didn't feel the need to change them.

For the string that we chose to use, we wanted something slightly thinner than regular 100% Polyester Strings, and settled on using Candy Wire 100% Poly Strings. These Candy Wire strings are made in the Philippines and are great for Offstring play.

As mentioned earlier, the Imarc features an adjustable gap, and the reason that this is is due to the red rubber o-ring as seen in the photo above. The good thing about having the rubber o-ring is that not only are you able to adjust the bearing gap to your ideal width as and when you like just by a simple twist, it also prevents you from over-tightening and cracking the yo-yo. The rubber o-ring gives the yo-yo a nice and snug feeling when it has been tightened.

On each halve of the blksens Imarc, you will be able to see the hubs have the blksens logo and blksens insignia on it. This gives the yo-yo its own identity, while keeping up with the minimal looks.

While in play, the Imarc spins long and true. Its big, wide size allows the yo-yo to spin slightly longer than smaller sized Offstring yo-yos. Coupled with the weight of the Imarc, the yo-yo is definitely a solid playing Offstring yo-yo that would be great for both practice and for competitions on stage. Due to it being made of Delrin, players can rest assured that if the Imarc repeatedly drops onto the floor, it will not break or crack easily, making it an ideal Offstring yo-yo for any player!

Just to recap on our yo-yo setup of the month for September.


1) blksens Imarc
2) blksens Narrow Silicone Pads
3) Candy Wires 100% Polyester String (Yellow)
4) Large YoYoJam Speed Bearing

That brings us to the end of our Yo-Yo Setup of the Month for September. Do let us know YOUR Yo-Yo Setup of the Month. Drop us a comment below, leave us a message on our Facebook Page with the title - My Yo-Yo Setup of the Month, or tag your setup with a picture on our Instagram Page, with @spinworkxsg #yoyoofthemonth. 

Till next time, 
Spin hard, Spin true!

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