Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Spotlight Player - Hoe Chinji

Chinji dropped by our Spinworkx Store at Orchard Central one day as he was here holidaying with his family. Coming from Holland, Chinji told us that while he is over there, there are no other Spinners close to him for him to hang out with and learn tricks from. So coming here to Spinworkx was something very cool, exciting and different for him.

Chinji has a very friendly and easy-going attitude, and while we were teaching and learning tricks from him, it seemed as though we had been friends for years. Chinji showed us some of his Laceration tricks, and it left us amazed at how well he could play despite having no one to learn these tricks from. It was great meeting and getting to know Chinji, and making a friend from Holland.

Name: Hoe Chinji

D.O.B.: 25 September 1996

Country: Holland

Handed: Right

Style of play: 1A & 5A

Number of years Spinning: 2.5 years

Sponsor: N/A

Favorite yo-yos: YoYoJam Phenom & C3 Trident

Other Hobbies: Computer gaming

Favorite color: Purple/Pink

Favorite Spinners: Christopher Chia & Marcus Koh

Why yo-yos?
"Yo-Yo string tricks are very complicated and interesting to me!"

Here is Chinji performing one of his favorite tricks:

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