Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: YoYoFactory Shutter (Jason Lee Edition)

Everyone appreciates good playing yo-yos, and everyone loves affordable yo-yos. But when you get a great playing yo-yo that is also incredibly affordable, you know you have got a winner. When YoYoFactory first showcased pictures of the Shutter, everyone knew it would be a good yo-yo, but when the price was released, Spinners just could not believe it.

Well, neither could we!

And here is our Yo-Yo of the Month for November.

Shutter (Jason Lee Edition)

YoYoFactory has been putting out quality yo-yos for a decade now, and the Shutter is just another shining example of how they have grown in terms of quality products and exceptional price points. They always give players the best yo-yos that they could have ever wanted.

The Shutter is the signature model of YoYoFactory Contest Team member Gentry Stein. However, this version that we are featuring is the special edition Jason Lee Shutter, that has the logos and graphics of a digital camera, just like the one Jason brings with him on his travels around the world.

Any Jason Lee model from YoYoFactory looks incredible. The Shutter is no different. It is in a shiny, cutting-edge black that makes it look more stunning and refined.

Taking a look at the face of the Shutter, you can see that it looks just like how the dials on a digital camera looks like. The various settings and option logos to optimize and capture the precise picture that you envision in your head. A very nice and deliberate touch that YYF did was to include and incorporate their logo amongst all the other logos.

The gap profile of the Shutter is a gentle H-shape, giving the Shutter more rim-weight and this translates into longer spin times and greater stability. Despite having a H-shape, the Shutter feels comfortable in hand and even with a hard throw and bind, it does not hurt the hand. The inner walls of the yo-yo has a steeper slope to allow the yo-yo to hold spin-time well when the Spinner is performing horizontal style tricks.

As the Shutter is a Champions Collection model, it comes with YoYoFactory Champions Collection 3-color string. However, for our setup, we preferred the slightly thicker strings that sOMEThING had to offer. The Yellow sOMEThING strings provided the yo-yo with tighter binds and more solid throws, and that was our choice strings to go with the Shutter.

The Pads that were used in the Shutter is the CBC White Silicone pads. These are the original pads that came with the yo-yo, and we felt that it provided us with the exact response we needed.

The regular bearing that comes with the Shutter is fine, but we wanted optimized performance from this Championship winning yo-yo, and we wanted the best. So we chose to use a gold Centre Trac bearing in the Shutter, and after a throw of 2, we knew it was the perfect choice. The gold Centre Trac bearing is unresponsive and requires practically no maintenance due to the gold coating. Long and smooth spins are a breeze for the gold Centre Trac.

Not only does the gold Centre Trac bearing perform incredibly well, it looks great too. Nice and shiny, and definitely something that will capture your attention. If you are looking for a large bearing to throw into your contest or daily throw, do consider getting the gold Centre Trac.

The gold Centre Trac bearing also compliments the black body of the Shutter very well. It definitely makes the entire yo-yo shine (just like gold).

Taking a closer look at the inner face of the Shutter and we can see the signature of Jason Lee, YoYoFactory Team member and probably one of the longest members in YoYoFactory since the start. Jason has a unique, smooth and distinct style of yo-yo play, making him one of the most respected and looked-up-to players in the world.

The opposite face of the Shutter is just like the shutter of a camera.

The Shutter is stable, long-spinning, smooth on the string, and looks and plays great. Furthermore, this Jason Lee edition just makes it that much sweeter. If there is one version of the Shutter that we had to choose, it will definitely be this one!

The Shutter fits comfortably in the hand, and even with a hard throw and an immediate bind, it hits the palm softly and does not hurt like other H-shaped yo-yos do.

The Shutter is a beast of a yo-yo. It handles any type of string trick with ease, and it just keeps the Spinner pushing the limits of what it can achieve. Furthermore, for the price, it is definitely one that you absolutely cannot miss out on.

We cannot say enough good things about the Shutter. Definitely one of our favorite throws, and one yo-yo that we encourage everyone to try, pick up and purchase with confidence.


1) YoYoFactory Shutter
2) CBC White Narrow Silicone Pads
3) 100% Polyester sOMEThING String (Yellow)
4) Large Gold Centre Trac Bearing

That brings us to the end of this segment of our Yo-Yo Setup of the Month. But before we head on out, check out what Gentry can do with his Shutter. Not one, but two videos to showcase what the Shutter is able to pull off.

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Till next time, 
Spin like a champion!

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