Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Spinworkx Around the World: Thailand

Back to Thailand we go for a short getaway, plus to grace sOMEThING WORLD Bangkok. Being in Thailand is always fun, seeing how the people of Thailand are friendly, kind and very cultural. Furthermore, the Thai people are united and it is nice to witness the Thai spirit when groups get together for any activity whatsoever.

The Spinning scene in Thailand is growing not just in terms of players, but also skill level. Although, sOMEThING WORLD Bangkok only showcased the 1A aspect, it was nice to see the creativity and unique take on performance that some of the Thai players brought on stage.

During our visit, we also went to the famous weekend Chatukchat market to be all touristy and soak up the atmosphere, food and of course, shopping! Here are some photos of our trip to Bangkok, Thailand for the second time this year.

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