Friday, 13 December 2013

Spinworkx First Mount #19 - Rancid Milk Mount

The Rancid Milk Mount is performed whenever the Spinner is looking to do the trick, Rancid Milk. Originally created by Spencer Berry, Rancid Milk still holds its place as one of the most famous, modern, technical string tricks around. Players around the world still continue to learn and perform Rancid Milk as a staple string trick, and Rancid Milk was formerly used as one of the compulsory tricks in Japan. Again, the Rancid Milk Mount is yet another variation of the Triple or Nothing Mount. This Mount slightly modifies the Triple or Nothing, adding the use of your thumb AND middle finger, making the overall Mount slightly more complicated.

If you have not practiced the Triple or Nothing Mount or the Houdini Triple Mount, we would recommend that you go back and master those before tackling the Rancid Milk Mount. 

Let's see how the Mount goes.

Throw a straight and hard Breakaway, and stick out your non-throwing hand thumb, just like the Houdini Triple Mount. Let the string swing around your thumb and continue over to your throwing hand index finger.

Throughout the duration of the whole trick, keep all your fingers, except your thumb/index fingers, tucked in at all times. If any other fingers are sticking out when performing this trick, the string may catch on other 'sticking-out' fingers and prevent you from hitting the Mount.

Now, with the yo-yo moving from your non-throw hand thumb to your throwing hand index, let the yo-yo string rest on the top of your throw-hand index finger and then allow it to continue around to your non-throw hand middle finger.

Once the yo-yo goes around your non-throw hand middle finger, immediately tuck in that middle finger, with the string wrapped around it (DO NOT let that string segment around your non- throw hand middle finger drop off!!) and stick out your non-throw hand index finger. This step may take some time getting use to due to the strings on different fingers and the need to move out and tuck in various fingers. 

Then, let the yo-yo continue to go around and over to your throwing hand index finger (again). Now, you should see that on your non throwing hand, there is 1 string segment around your thumb and 1 string segment around your middle finger. Your throwing hand should have 2 string segments around your index finger.

Finally, let the yo-yo swing back around to your non-throwing hand index finger and land on the string like how you land a Triple or Nothing.

Once the yo-yo has landed onto the string, bring your hands closer to each other so that the yo-yo sits comfortably on the string without tilting or falling off. At this point in time, your Mount should look exactly like in the following picture.

Rancid Milk Mount

The Rancid Milk Mount is slightly more difficult than the Triple or Nothing and Houdini Triple Mount. If you are not able to pull if off initially, keep working on it and practicing and sooner rather than later, you will be able to perform it consistently.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Rancid Milk Mount:
1) Tuck in all your fingers that are not needed while performing the Mount so that the string does not get caught where it is not supposed to.
2) Remember to aim and maneuver the yo-yo to precisely where to want it to go. You control the yo-yo movement, don't let the yo-yo control you.
3) If you are having trouble landing the yo-yo while it is spinning, try swinging a 'dead' yo-yo first to gauge the distance apart that your hands need to be to land into the Rancid Milk Mount.

There you have it, #19 of the Spinworkx First Mount project.

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Till the next installment,
Keep practicing, keep spinning!~

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