Friday, 17 January 2014

FRESH: C3yoyodesign Level 6

Name: Level 6
Bearing Size: Large (Size C)
Response: C3 Silicone Pads

There is no stopping C3yoyodesign. In 2013 alone, they released over 10 new yo-yos, all of which are catered towards their team members, as well as competition throws. Furthermore, their offerings are not just of high quality yo-yos, but many of which are really playing, yet with a comfortable price tag attached. The last affordable metal throw C3 released was the Di Base 2. No doubt it was a great, and stable yo-yo, but players called for more affordable, full-sized throws. C3yoyodesign answered their request with a yo-yo that will just blow you away.

The Level 6 is truly on another level. Coming in a variety of Acid Washed bright colors, the Level 6 aren't just great playing, they look great too! C3yoyodesign decided to feature and fuse together popular elements from yo-yos such as the Berserker, P-wave, Mo-vitation, Electric Flash, etc to create a yo-yo that was geared for performance.

What amazed us most about the Level 6 is not so much the way it looked, or how great it played. The surprising thing was the price that it retailed for. We have not found a yo-yo that played as good as a Level 6 for the price that it was selling for.

The Level 6 features a wide, round Butterfly shape and comes with a large bearing and C3 pads for response. When in play, it glides around fast and purposefully, and we would describe it as feeling rather floaty. The shape of the Level 6 resembles a Berserker in the way it curves at the edges, so we decided to do a small comparison between the Level 6 and the Berserker.

As seen in the picture, the shapes of both yo-yos are similar to each other. However, there is a small step/groove on the rim of the Level 6 that the Berserker does not have. Furthermore, the Berserker is just slightly bigger than the Level 6 in diameter. The Level 6 is slightly rounder than the Berserker, allowing it to be a little more comfortable in the hand and during play.

The gap comparison shows that the Berserker and the Level 6 are almost of the same gap size. Both allow for easy string landings. While the Berserker feels more solid and weighty, the Level 6 feels more floaty and fast.

The Level 6 comes in an assortment of acid wash colorways, with 6 colorways for its first run and more colorways to come in the future.

The Level 6 is a great affordable metal yo-yo, and may possibility be one of the best selling affordable metals for 2014. However, don't just take our word for it. Try one for yourself, and you know that you need it in your collection / arsenal of throws.

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