Wednesday, 15 January 2014

FRESH: sOMEThING Addiction

Name: Addiction
Bearing Size: Large (Size C)
Response: sOMEThING Pads

sOMEThING has put out numerous quality 1A yo-yos in recent times, but not a plastic 1A yo-yo. Of course there was The V and the Crazy D, but those are made from Delrin. So it was no surprise when they announced their newest model was a plastic yo-yo with metal rims.

The Addiction is a yo-yo that is right up there with it's fellow Hybrid yo-yos from YoYoJam and Yoyofactory. For a first Hybrid yo-yo offering, the Addiction is amazing! The shape of the Addiction makes it feel comfortable in hand, and due to the metal weight rings, it spins long and is incredibly stable throughout the duration of any combo we could throw on it.

The Addiction does not feature anything out of the ordinary or anything that's fancy or flashy. However, it leaves all of that to the player who is throwing it, and just like it's namesake, once you pick it up, you just want to keep throwing it and not stop.

Hiroyuki Suzuki, owner of sOMEThING by YoYoAddict, and 4-time World Yo-Yo Champion, was very proud when he first let us try the Addiction. He was confident on how well it plays, and rightfully so. The Addiction was made not just for players who compete on stage, but for players who just wanted a quality Hybrid throw for practice. The Addiction may be a plastic yo-yo, but it definitely feels capable of being used in contests around the world. Right now, the Addiction comes in a nice shade of Translucent Dark Blue. However, we believe that in the future, we may be seeing more of these in other color options.

The Addiction was modeled to resemble Hiroyuki's signature yo-yo, the ANGLAM, just in a plastic form. The shape and specifications are similar, but not completely the same.

Comparing both the Addiction and the ANGLAM, we can see that the ANGLAM is slightly smaller (Diameter-wise) than the Addiction. The body shapes are similar, but the ANGLAM features a slight step on the yo-yo halve whereas the Addiction is just a smooth curve before the step on the rim which both models sport. The smooth body of the Addiction is what makes it feel more comfortable in the hand. Even if the yo-yo was spinning fast and hard before immediately returning to the hand, the catch will feel more cushioned and comfortable as compared to other yo-yos with more steps and different shapes.

The ANGLAM is slightly wider than the Addiction. This slight difference is hardly noticeable during play. Both yo-yos still move through the air fast and are incredibly stable.

The Addiction features a concave-shaped bearing (sOMEThING ADC Bearing) and sOMEThING Type 1 Silicone pads for response. 

Looking closely at the metal rings and the hex-nut on the Addiction, you will see custom engraving on them that gives the yo-yo identity while remaining as minimal as possible.

The Addiction is not just another yo-yo that was released in 2014. We believe that there is a high possibility that it could be one of, if not, the top Hybrid yo-yo from 2014. You just have got to try it out for yourself to see how good the Addiction is. 

The sOMEThING Addiction is available at Spinworkx right now!
The first batch of them sold out within a day, and now we have gotten a second batch in.
Get them while they are still in stock!

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