Tuesday, 21 January 2014

SHOWCASE Vol.2 & Spinworkx Challenge (23 February 2014)

The Spinworkx Challenge & SHOWCASE Vol.2 is coming up again.

What: Spinworkx Challenge
When: 23 February 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm - 3.30pm
Where: Spinworkx Store at Orchard Central
Who: Absolutely anybody can take part

The Spinworkx Challenge was conceived back in 2010/2011 to much notoriety and many Spinners in Singapore absolutely dreaded it. Looking at the list of tricks to perform, it may look easy and a breeze to most. But under pressure, many players tend to crack and get nervous, and start making those little itty-bitty mistakes. Do you think you have got what it takes, and take up our Challenge?

Players who have completed the Spinworkx Challenge up to Intermediate 2 are:
1) Hans Wong-Jensen
2) Peh Li Hao

Think you can do better than them, register and come on down to beat the Challenge!

Details on what you would need to do for the Spinworkx Challenge:

Register for the Spinworkx Challenge here:


Next up, the second installment of the yo-yo freestyle throwdown/contest that everyone loves. SHOWCASE Vol.2 is coming up and who is going to take it this time around? Join us, show off what you have got, and prep yourself for the upcoming WCC & AP/SYYC events this year.

What:  SHOWCASE Vol.2
When: 23 February 2014 (Sunday)
Time:  4pm - 6pm
Where: Recognize Studios at Orchard Central
Who: Absolutely anybody can take part

There will be 2 separate freestyle events for SHOWCASE. There is the usual 1A Division and the combined X Division.

Read up more info on the webpage here:

Register for SHOWCASE here:

We are excited to see everyone come together and throwdown without the added pressure of needing a 'seed' or attaining a high rank. At SHOWCASE, Spinners will be able to show-off their banging tricks, mind-boggling combos and essentially get to do showcase all that they've got.

Once agin, we are requesting for community-based volunteers to judge at the event. This benefits the volunteers as they get to learn how to judge AND they get to learn how to improve on their own freestyles by understanding how freestyles are clicked and scored. (If you wish to volunteer as a judge, fill in the registration form as well). Don't worry, we will also have experienced judges judging alongside.

For all who are taking part at SHOWCASE, do note that all Freestyles at the event are 2 minutes long, instead of the usual 1 minute or 3 minutes.

Sign up for both the Spinworkx Challenge & SHOWCASE today!

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