Thursday, 2 January 2014

Spinworkx Best of 2013

Once again, we have ushered in a new year and we say farewell to 2013. With that, we take a look back at the most popular throws of 2013. These are the yo-yos and accessories that players just had to add to their collection and the various things Spinners needed for maintenance, competitions and everything to do with Spinning.

Without further ado, here are the items that are the Best of 2013.

Most popular Beginner Plastic Yo-Yo

#1 - YoYoFactory FAST 201

#2 - YoYoFactory One

#3 - YoYoFactory Velocity 2012

Most popular Advanced Plastic Yo-Yo

#1 - C3yoyodesign Speedaholic

#2 - YoYoFactory Grind Machine

#3 - YoYoFactory OneStar

Most popular Hybrid Yo-Yo

#1 - YoYoJam Dark Magic 2

#2 - YoYoFactory Protostar

Most popular Affordable Metal Yo-Yo

#1 - YoYoFactory DV888

#2 - YoYoFactory Shutter


Most popular High-end Metal Yo-Yo

#1 - One Drop X CLYW Summit

#2 - C3yoyodesign Mo-vitation

#3 - Duncan Barracuda

Most popular 2A Yo-Yo

#1 - YoYoJoker Vortex

#2 - YoYoFactory Loop 1080

Most popular 4A Yo-Yo

#1 - yoyorecreation Aeronaut

#2 - Duncan Hayabusa

Most popular Yo-Yo Strings

#1 - Kitty Strings (Normal)

#2 - 100% Poly Strings (Green)

Most popular Yo-Yo Accessory

#1 - Duncan Gloves

#2 - YoYoJam Thin Lube

#3 - YoYoFactory Multi Tool

Most popular Yo-Yo Bearing

#1 - Konkave Bearing (Large)

#2 - Centre Trac Bearing (Large)

Most popular Yo-Yo Response Pads

#1 - yoyorecreation Silicone Pads

#2 - Central Bearing Co. Silicone Pads

#3 - Duncan SG Stickers

Back in 2012, we knew that there was going to be many new releases in 2013 and from our 'Best of' list, we can clearly see that there are quite a number of 2013 yo-yos that made it to the top of the list. Throws like the Vortex, Summit, Speedaholic, etc are great yo-yos and definitely belong in any true Spinner's collection.

Despite seeing a number of new models featured, there still are some from the 'Best of 2012' list that has not been beaten (and will be really tough to beat). The YoYoFactory FAST 201 is still going strong as the best beginner yo-yo. Furthermore, the Large Konkave bearing is still the #1 choice for Spinners to use, both during competitions and for casual play.

Before signing off, the Spinworkx store at Orchard Central and our webstore still have most of these yo-yos and products available. So if you feel like you are missing out on something, there is still time to pick it/them up!

Till our 'Best of 2014' list, keep Spinning!

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