Friday, 3 January 2014

Spinworkx First Mount #20 - Twisted White Buddha Mount

The Twisted White Buddha Mount is a slightly tricky one. Up to this point in time, all the First Mounts have been straight forward and landing on strings without a 'mutation' or a twist. However, the Twisted White Buddha Mount, looking at it from the front, may seem like a White Buddha Mount, but in actual fact, it is different.

This mount has been used in tricks like Jason Lee's 'And Whut?' and other combos. Furthermore, from the Twisted White Buddha Mount, the Spinner will be able to transit to other mounts and holds like the bucket mount and more.

Before attempting the Twisted White Buddha Mount, we strongly recommend that you be proficient in the White Buddha Mount. With a miss of the string landing, you may get yourself into a knot, so do watch out for this one, and don't just drop strings off your finger if you miss landing onto the string.

Let's go into the mount proper.

Start with a long spinning, straight breakaway.

Let the yo-yo swing around your non-throwing hand index finger, just like most of the other mounts and let it continue swinging around to your throwing hand index finger.

Up till this point, the trick should look like you are performing a White Buddha Mount or Sidestyle 1.5 Mount.

Once the string lands onto your throwing hand index finger, let it swing to the string segment between your two hands. 

Now, instead of letting the yo-yo go in front of the yo-yo strings and then landing it, maneuver the yo-yo to the back of the yo-yo strings and from the back, pop it up and let it land onto the bottom string. 

Once the yo-yo lands on the bottom string, you should instantly notice a twist in the mount. This twist is formed by the string attached to the yo-yo and the string that the yo-yo is sitting on. 

When the yo-yo lands onto the string, bring your hands slightly closer together to allow the yo-yo to sit comfortably on the string without it dropping off.

You have just successfully performed the Twisted White Buddha Mount.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Twisted White Buddha Mount:
1) While performing the mount, tuck in all your fingers, except the Index Fingers on both hands.
2) Always remember to make the yo-yo move to where you want it to go, don't let the yo-yo control you!
3) Remember that the motion of the mount is to move the yo-yo from the front (natural course of movement) to the back of both strings, before landing onto the bottom string. Instead of physically moving the yo-yo from front to back, you could also move the strings from the back to the front during the mount.

That wraps up the Spinworkx First Mount Project #20.

If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note here, or shout out to us at our Facebook page.
You can also show off your Twisted White Buddha Mount by tagging us on our Instagram Page, with @spinworkxsg #firstmount. 

Happy 2014 everyone & Keep Spinning!~

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