Wednesday, 12 February 2014

FRESH: Turning Point Houska Dry

Name: Houska Dry
Bearing Size: Large (Size C)
Response: Narrow K-pads

Turning Point is well known to produce some of the finest yo-yos that are made in Japan. One of their first offerings, the Leviathan, took the Spinning world by storm and players loved the comfortable rounded shape, solid feel and excellent performance it brought. Singapore Champion Marcus Koh loved the Leviathan so much that he used it to win the Singapore National Competition back in 2009. Since then, Turning Point has come a long way with new, improved yo-yos and designs. The Houska Dry is one of those new designs.

The Houska Dry was conceived as an affordable metal to add to the growing line of Turning Point yo-yos. Players who have wanted to own Turning point yo-yos always were weary due to the hefty price tag that came with them. The Houska Dry is different in that sense. It is a great playing metal yo-yo for a fraction of the price. If you ever wanted to own a Turning Point yo-yo but just could not bring yourself to spend so much, look no further than the Houska Dry!

Turning Point has always been minimal with their designs and engravings, if at all. Most of their yo-yos are minimalistic, without any markings or word engravings whatsoever. This gives their yo-yos a nice, simple and clean look. What is more, the shape and style of Turning Point yo-yos are enough to set them apart from other yo-yos in the market without needing laser engravings to identify them.

Houska Dry comes in 3 colors for their first run, with other colors sure to follow. The finish on the yo-yos are bead-blasted smooth, to allow for easy grinds. The Raw Silver Houska Dry is not bead-blasted though. 

Turning Point may have created an affordable metal yo-yo in the Houska Dry, but it does not affect the performance of this yo-yo. With the traditional solid feel of a Turning Point, but with a little floaty-ness thrown in the mix, the Houska Dry is bound to be a favorite amongst Spinners looking for a quality throw without burning a hole in their pockets.

Looking at the gap view of the Houska Dry will remind some players of a Leviathan. With a step at the inner wall area, which Turning Point is well known for, it allows the Houska Dry to have slightly longer spin times while performing horizontal tricks as this step keeps the string away from the walls of the yo-yo. 

With its slight similarity with the Leviathan, we figured we would compare them to see how similar they actually are.

The Houska Dry (on the left) has a slightly slimmer width as compared to the Leviathan (on the right). Also, the inner wall step on the Houska Dry is more obvious and protruding than the slighter, smaller step on the Leviathan. The diameter of the 2 yo-yos are pretty close to each other.

The Leviathan, on the right, is clearly wider than the Houska Dry. The Houska Dry uses a flat, clean C-sized bearing for long spins, and Silicone Narrow K-pads for reliable and tight binds.

Due to the rounded shape, the Houska Dry fits very comfortably in the hand. Even with strong & hard throws, the Houska Dry will not hurt your hand when it returns. The round shape comfortably cushions the impact, making it ideal for players who are just starting out learning long spinning tricks on.

There is no surprise when we tried the Houska Dry as we knew we could trust Turning Point to produce great playing yo-yos. However, what surprised us was the price on the Houska Dry. Although the price tag lists this yo-yo as a budget metal, it's performance suggests otherwise. It plays great and is definitely good enough to be used on stage in contests around the world!

Be sure to pick up and try a Houska Dry soon. It is definitely a yo-yo that deserves to be in every true Spinners collection and arsenal.

The Turning Point Houska Dry is available at Spinworkx now!

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