Monday, 17 March 2014

FRESH: YoYoFactory Hubstack AFTERGLOW

Name: Hubstack AFTERGLOW
Bearing Size: Large (Size C)
Response: Narrow CBC pads

YoYoFactory has been on the forefront of modern yo-yo designs and technology. Back in 2007, they released the 888 that featured hubstack technology, allowing the Spinner to 'pull-start' the yo-yo using the bearing hubstacks that came with the yo-yo. This gave players the option of holding onto the yo-yo while it spins, opening new options of tricks and concepts. After the popular release of the Plastic Grind Machine, YoYoFactory has decided to release yet another full-plastic hubstack yo-yo. Thus, the Hubstack was born.

The actual Hubstack yo-yo was made to cater to new Spinners who required a responsive throw out-of-the-box that gave these new players the option of using hubstacks instead of throwing the yo-yo down to get it spinning. However, the Hubstack AFTERGLOW is specifically made to suit advanced players. The Hubstack AFTERGLOW comes unresponsive straight out of the package. This allows Spinners to throw all their favorite complex and intricate string combos on the Hubstack AFTERGLOW without holding anything back.

The Hubstack AFTERGLOW features sort of a Hybrid between a V-shaped butterfly and a H-shaped butterfly. This body shape provides the yo-yo with good stability, yet allowing it to move through the air quickly and purposefully. So you if you one of those Spinners who prefer to play at a fast speed, this yo-yo is definitely straight up your alley.

As the name suggests, the Hubstack AFTERGLOW glows in the dark. The white plastic body, in itself, glows in the dark and is really cool. However, that is not all. The Hubstack AFTERGLOW also comes with LED Circuits on both halves of the yo-yo (as pictured above), and this LED circuit lights up each time the yo-yo is thrown, giving the yo-yo a constant glow of lights.

Whether you choose to throw the yo-yo down, or 'pull-start' the Hubstack AFTERGLOW, the LED lights on the circuit will turn out, giving the yo-yo a bright, eye-catching color that just looks great. It may look great during the day, but when night falls, give your Hubstack AFTERGLOW a spin and watch it really come to life.

In the dark of the night, the AFTERGLOW shines so bright that it just cannot be missed. The Hubstack AFTERGLOW not only shines bright from the LED lights, but do not forget that the white body glows-in-the-dark as well! This is definitely one of the best light-up/glow-in-the-dark yo-yos that is available today.

The YoYoFactory Hubstack AFTERGLOW is truly FRESH. It is a delight to play with, and a yo-yo that definitely belongs in any Spinners collection. Give it a go in the dark, and you'll see that it is awesome and amazing. 

The Hubstack AFTERGLOW is available at Spinworkx now!

Check out our product / review video for the YoYoFactory Hubstack AFTERGLOW.

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