Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spinworkx First Mount #25 - Back to Front Green Triangle

The Back to Front Green Triangle mount is a different variation of getting into the Green Triangle. It is not difficult to do, and may give you added ideas on getting into more complex mounts after. This Mount is a very straight forward mount, and if you have learnt all the past First Mounts, this particular one should be a breeze.

So let's go straight into the Mount proper.

Throw a straight Breakaway, and let the yo-yo swing over your non-throwing index finger and over to your throwing hand index finger just like how you would before getting into a 1.5 / White Buddha Mount. 

As the yo-yo is coming around your throwing hand index finger, let the yo-yo go behind, closer to your body, behind the yo-yo strings and swing it upwards.

Once the yo-yo is moving from the back, upwards, let it swing forward and onto the top/front string.

When the yo-yo has landed onto the top/front string, bring your hands slightly closer together and proceed to let go of the string wrapped around your throwing hand index finger.

After dropping the string off your throwing hand index, you should now be in a Green Triangle Mount.

To dismount the yo-yo, unlike the actual Green Triangle mount, hop the yo-yo off from the front and you should be free from any knots.

And there you have it, the Back to Front Green Triangle. Simple right?

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Back to Front Green Triangle:
1) When trying this trick for the first few times, take it slow so you are able to see the movement of the yo-yo and land it on the right string.
2) Before landing the yo-yo onto the string, it may be easier to use your non-throwing hand thumb to separate the 2 strings, so that the yo-yo does not get caught on both strings.
3) Tuck in any fingers that you do not need when doing this trick.

That is all for #25 of the Spinworkx First Mount project.

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You can also show off your Back to Front Green Triangle by tagging us on our Instagram Page, with @spinworkxsg #firstmount. 

Till next time,
It's hip to be a Triangle!~

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