Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spinworkx First Mount #26 - Inverse Braintwister Mount

The Inverse Braintwister Mount is a very simple variation of the Braintwister Mount that we learnt in First Mount #2. It may look simple, but this Mount can lead on to many more Mounts so don't underestimate it.

This Mount is crucial for all Spinners to know as it would be the easiest way to teach a new Spinner how to bind on an unresponsive yo-yo.

The Inverse Braintwister mount starts off with a Long Sleeper. Once the yo-yo is spinning, stick out the index finger of your non-throwing hand (the hand that the yo-yo is not tied to), and drape the yo-yo string from the back over that index finger, lifting the yo-yo up.

When the string has been lifted up, raise the yo-yo to about halfway between your 2 hands.

Then, land the yo-yo onto the string and bring up your throwing hand so the yo-yo now sits onto the string while spinning. When you are in the Inverse Braintwister Mount, it will look like a Trapeze but with the yo-yo spinning in the opposite direction due to the Frontstyle throw.

Once you have successfully gotten into the Inverse Braintwister Mount, you can either proceed to bind the yo-yo straightaway, or move on to create and explore more Mounts from there.

A pointer to take note of when learning this trick:
1) Ensure that the yo-yo is spinning straight and not tilting to one side. If the yo-yo is tilting, catch it and try the trick from the start. Remember, you do not need to throw super hard. 
2) Perform the Mount slow and steadily.

That's all for #26 of the Spinworkx First Mount project.

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Till next time,
Keep Spinning!~

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