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Yo-Yo Setup of the Month: C3yoyodesign Mo-vitation

C3yoyodesign has been unrelenting in keeping their yo-yo releases coming. Last year, they released the Mo-vitation signature yo-yo for their team member Ethan 'Mo Mo' Wong, which players have come to love. This would be no surprise seeing how this yo-yo has everything contest players love in a yo-yo.

Upon release, the Mo-vitation had such good reviews, C3yoyodesign had to constantly produce more Mo-vitations to keep up with the demand from players all around the world. Now, with many colorways to choose from, the Mo-vitation has cemented it's place as one of the very best modern yo-yos out there in the market today.

Thus, it has been chosen to be our yo-yo of the month.


The Mo-vitation, named after 'Mo Mo' (that is how it got it's name), is one of the best yo-yos on the market today for Finger-spinning tricks. If you have seen Mo Mo throw, you'll notice that many of his tricks are of combos that featuring finger spins, hopping the yo-yo from finger to finger horizontally, and much more. All these tricks are not easy to pull off, but having the Mo-vitation perform these tricks really helps.

It may be great for Finger-spinning tricks, but that is not all. Players around the world have chosen to use the Mo-vitation on stage for not just 1A, but 3A and 5A as well. Definitely a yo-yo that everyone will come to appreciate and love.

C3yoyodesign has produced many great playing yo-yos over the years, but the Mo-vitation truly shines. Not just because of the way it is able to handle string tricks, or perform exactly how you want it to, but also due to the fact that the Mo-vitation comes at a truly fair and affordable price.

The C3yoyodesign team takes pride in ensuring their yo-yos don't just play great, but look great as well. This version of the Mo-vitation is red-on-red. The body is red, with the laser-engravings in red as well. This gives the yo-yo a cool, stealthy-clean look that makes it stand apart from the rest.

As you can see, the inner ring that is located at the hub area allows the Mo-vitation to finger-spin exceptionally well. It provides the Spinner to hold the finger-spin longer than other yo-yos, making it almost seem like you're cheating on your finger-spins.

The Mo-vitation features sort of a V-shaped profile, with tapers on the rims/edges of the yo-yo halves. This gives the yo-yo better stability and balance, while still allowing it to move quickly through the air for long string trick combos. The Mo-vitation uses a large size-C bearing that is cleaned for long spinning tricks, as well as C3-sized wider silicone pads for tighter binds and better response.

We did not need to change out anything when setting up our Mo-vitations, as it performed great stock. The bearing and the pads are the exact same ones that came with the yo-yo. However, for the string, we chose to use a two-toned Kitty String just to give the yo-yo that extra 'pop'. As the pads are wider, with the regular Kitty String, the more the string wore in, the greater the yo-yo played and performed.

Taking a closer look at the wider C3 silicone pads, you will notice that they are indeed wider than regular silicone pads on most yo-yos. Furthermore, the finish on the red-on-red Mo-vitations are really cool. They are a nice, blasted finish to give the Mo-vitation a nice smooth texture that is great for grind-tricks.

The red-on-red engraving is really cool and if you don't take a closer look, you may think that these Mo-vitations are un-engraved. Now you see it, now you don't!

The Mo-vitation spins long and true, and moves fast through the air.

The C3yoyodesign Mo-vitation is definitely a yo-yo that we highly recommend, and this yo-yo should be in every players collection. We really cannot fully describe why this yo-yo is so great. Go out there, get one, give it a throw and feel for yourself the true power of the Mo-vitation.

These red-on-red Mo-vitations are available in limited quantities, and we have very few left in stock here at Spinworkx. If you are thinking of getting one of these for yourself, hesitate no more lest they are gone forever.


1) C3yoyodesign Mo-vitation (Red-on-red)
2) C3yoyodesign Wide Silicone Pads
3) Black/Green Normal Kitty String
4) C3yoyodesign Large size-C Bearing (Similar to a Large Ezo bearing)

That brings us to the end of this month's Yo-Yo Setup of the Month. Do let us know YOUR Yo-Yo Setup of the Month. Drop us a comment below, leave us a message on our Facebook Page with the title - My Yo-Yo Setup of the Month, or tag your setup with a picture on our Instagram Page, with @spinworkxsg #yoyoofthemonth.

Before we go, check out our product / review video for the C3yoyodesign Mo-vitation today!

Till our next installment,
Keep (Finger-) Spinning!!

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