Friday, 9 May 2014

Spinworkx First Mount #27 - Drop in the Bucket

The Drop in the Bucket Mount, which is also consider to be a trick, was developed close to, or sometime before, the year 2000 when creating new yo-yo tricks was at an all time high. It was created by Thad Winzenz and was one of the first tricks that had a 'kink' where a string segment was supported by another string segment (E.G. Green Triangle, Wrist Mount, etc).

This Mount would be a little similar to the Wrist Mount, without actually having the string go around your wrist to get the 'kink'. 

So now let's move on to describing how the Drop in the Bucket Mount is like.

First, throw a Breakaway, and have your non-throwing hand palm facing upwards, with your fingers all open.

Next, let the string hang down between your thumb and index finger of your non-throwing hand, and quickly wrap the string around your non-throwing hand thumb and then your index finger.

Then, using your throwing hand, pinch the string segment that is hanging between your non-throwing thumb and index finger, and stretch it out, lengthening it away from your non-throwing hand.

Once you have reached this part of the Mount, you should see a triangle with a string segment right down the center. 

Then, swing the yo-yo up and onto this center string segment, into the Drop in the Bucket Mount. Once the yo-yo is spinning on the string, bring your hands closer together and you should have successfully completed the Drop in the Bucket.

Some pointers to take note of when learning this trick:
1) Ensure that the yo-yo is spinning straight and keep everything in line, swinging in one straight plane.
2) Perform the Mount slow and steadily, aiming for the right strings.
3) If the yo-yo drops off the Drop in the Bucket Mount at any time during the trick, be cautious not to just let go of all the strings as it may lead to a knot.

That's all for #27 of the Spinworkx First Mount project.

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Till next time,
Keep the kink Mounts coming!~

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