Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Spinworkx Kendama Challenge - Basic Level

The Spinworkx Challenge was first conceived back in 2009-2010 for yo-yo players to perfect their basics and to ensure that they have a strong foundation of tricks before moving on to the harder stuff. It was notorious for being difficult to complete for even seasoned yo-yo professionals and competitors. However, it gave new Spinners a list of tricks to work on and upwards, slowly inching up towards the harder, and more difficult tricks.

Each level and tier posed a tougher challenge, and many Spinners rose to the challenge and tried to see how high they could go. Now, we present to you yet another Spinworkx Challenge. This one, just like the Challenge before, helps to build a strong foundation, yet gets much more challenging as the levels go up. Here is the Spinworkx Kendama Challenge!

Up First, the Basic Level.

Spinworkx Kendama Challenge Basic Level 1
1) Big Cup (

2) Small Cup (

3) Base Cup (

4) Candlestick (

5) Spike (

6) Orbit (

7) Swing-in Spike (

8) Big Cup to Spike (

9) Small Cup to Spike (

10) Base Cup to Spike (

Spinworkx Kendama Challenge Basic Level 2
11) Tap-Back (

12) Aeroplane (

13) Around Japan (

14) Earth Spin (

15) Moshikame 10 to Spike (

16) Around the World (

17) Frying Pan (

18) Jumping Stick (

19) Lighthouse (

20) Moshikame 20 to Spike (

-- -- -- -- --

Practice hard for the Spinworkx Kendama Challenge Basic Level! The Intermediate Level that is to follow takes it up a notch, and it is quite a high notch!

Keep Spiking!~

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