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Spinners promoted to Pro 2014 - Brena Cheong

The Spinner Division is really tough to progress from, and Spinners each and every year do their very best to try and win their respective divisions in hopes of being able to be promoted to Pro. We have seen some Spinners practicing even harder than the Pros, and this year, we have promoted 2 Spinners to Pro.

The first Spinner promoted as showcased in the last blog entry was none other than Wee Teng Ee. The second Spinner to be promoted is one of the fastest learning 1A players we have met in recent times. If that issn't amazing enough, this Spinner is a girl who continues to amaze, and place higher than, many other guy Spinners in local contests.

Without further ado, the second Spinner to be promoted is…

Brena Cheong

Photo taken by: Andrew Lin

Brena has been playing for less than 2 years and she has already managed to place very well in contests here in Singapore, even winning the 2014 SYYC Spinner division 1A. Not only is she proficient in 1A, she dabbles in other divisions like 4A and 5A as well. She is so good that even some of the Pro players fear to go up against her in contests. Her consistency and ability to hit tough 1A combos makes her a player to watch out for at future contests. We are proud of what Brena has accomplished thus far, and we are certain that she will progress even further in time to come.

We got to speak to Brena about her recent promotion to Pro and here is what she had to say.

Spinworkx Crew: Hi Brena, thanks for doing this interview with us. So tell us, how did you feel when you won SYYC 2014 Spinner 1A Division?

Brena Cheong: Honestly, I was shocked! I had no intentions of winning it, and I just wanted to have fun and do the best I could.

Spinworkx Crew: I see. But how long did you practice each day before SYYC?

Brena Cheong: Well, everyday was different. I would only practice after I was done with my school work as I believe in striking a balance between school-work and yo-yoing. So to answer your question,  about 1 - 2 hours a day.

Spinworkx Crew: So after putting in that time and effort into your routine, were you confident about your freestyle at SYYC?

Brena Cheong: I wasn't really confident as anything could happen on stage, but I believe I did the best I could do.

Spinworkx Crew: Nonetheless, it was an awesome 1 minute freestyle. What happened on the last day? Why couldn't you take part in the 3 minute 1A Finals?

Brena Cheong: The day of my Finals freestyle, when I got out of bed, my right knee locked up due to an injury I have and I could not move my right leg as it was painful. It happened many times before but it was unfortunate that it happened on that day. I went to the doctor recently and he told me with approximately 6 months of rest and physiotherapy, I will be able to fully recover. Next year, if I qualify for Finals once again, I will be ready to take the stage. No excuses!

Spinworkx Crew: And we are really looking forward to you doing a 3 minute freestyle on stage! How do you usually practice your freestyle each time?

Brena Cheong: I would just turn on the music I use for my freestyle and play. That's about it.

Spinworkx Crew: Do you create your own tricks for your freestyles?

Brena Cheong: I do create my own tricks but most of the time, I learn tricks and combos from friends or on YouTube. However, as I progress, I tend to do more of my own tricks rather than somebody else's.

Spinworkx Crew: So how do you create these tricks?

Brena Cheong: Most of the time, the tricks I create will be from mistakes I made from doing other tricks. From there, I just build on the trick and see what happens from there.

Spinworkx Crew: So after winning Spinner 1A at SYYC 2014, are you looking forward to being in Pro and going up against all the seasoned Pro players?

Brena Cheong: Yes I am! A little scared, but really looking forward to it.

Spinworkx Crew: How do you feel being promoted to Pro?

Brena Cheong: Kinda having mixed feelings about it. I was happy that I got promoted to Pro, but at the same time I felt that many of the other Spinners deserve to be promoted too.

Spinworkx Crew: Lastly, any advice for current Spinners?

Brena Cheong: Try not to focus so much on winning or beating other players. The important thing is to have fun and to do your best. Keep spinning!

Spinworkx Crew: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Brena. All the best for your future competitions, and all future endeavors!

Spinworkx would like to congratulate Brena Cheong on her recent performance in the Spinner 1A Division, and being promoted to Pro, during the Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2014 and Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2014. She is a testament that girls can be as good, if not better, than guys!

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