Monday, 25 August 2014

Spinners promoted to Pro 2014 - Wee Teng Ee

With SYYC 2014 over slightly more than a month ago, we have determined the Spinners that are moving on to Pro for the 2014/2015 contest season.

Last year, we only had one Spinner that was promoted (Ian Loh), and in the 2013/2014 contest season, he has showcased how he was able to go up against the big boys, managing to even win the 5A Pro Division at SYYC 2014, and do well in the 1A Division as well.

For this year, we have promoted 2 Spinners. First up, is none other than…

Wee Teng Ee

Teng Ee has been playing for a few years now, and to say that he has improved tremendously is a big understatement. Just a year ago, he was still learning basic Offstring maneuvers and whips. Now in 2014, not only has he done well in the 4A Division in recent contests, he also managed to qualify for the 4A Division at the Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2014. His 1 minute routine amazed us all, and he progressed on to the 4A finals. Teng Ee is not only proficient in 4A, but he is also working on his 1A and 2A Divisions, looking to challenge for placings in Singapore contests.

We got to speak to Teng Ee a bit about his recent promotion to Pro and here is what he had to say.

Spinworkx Crew: Hi Teng Ee, congrats on being able to qualify for 4A Finals at AP2014, and also winning multiple Spinner Division titles at SYYC2014. So, how did it feel like when you heard that you qualified for 4A Finals at AP2014?

Wee Teng Ee: I felt like I was in a dream! I knew that my prelims was quite solid and i didn't make too many mistakes, but I also didn't expect myself to qualify. I felt like I was gonna explode with happiness! I was just so extremely happy!

Spinworkx Crew: (Laughs) We can really feel your excitement about making it for 4A finals. It is definitely no easy feat. Well, how long did you practice each day before AP2014 / SYYC2014?

Wee Teng Ee: Well, before AP & SYYC, I was having my exams so I didn't have much time to practice super hard. Everyday i would try to practice my 1 min routine during my school recess and maybe about 1 hour at home after school.

Spinworkx Crew: Did you feel confident about your 1 minute routine?

Wee Teng Ee: To be honest, I wasn't confident for the 1 minute freestyle at all because 2 days before AP2014 / SYYC2014, I changed my routine alot! But despite that, I remembered what Kenneth Bay told me. He said that I just have to believe in my tricks, be confident about it and everything will be fine. When the music started, I was in my own world. I was in 'the zone' and I believed in myself and my tricks. Thankfully, I managed to do pretty well!

Spinworkx Crew: What about your 3 minute freestyle at AP2014 / SYYC2014? What happened?

Wee Teng Ee: For my 3 minute freestyle, I wasn't very prepared as I only started practicing for it a day before. I NEVER expected myself to qualify for SYYC finals, much less AP finals. The night before, I practiced from about 9pm to 1am, nonstop. Before that, I was still planning it out to prepare myself as much as possible. In the end, I think I did ok. I played it very safe though due to the lack of preparation.

Spinworkx Crew: So now, having a taste of 3 minute freestyles, are you looking forward to being in Pro and going up against all the seasoned Pro players?

Wee Teng Ee: Well, I guess I am because it's going to be something new and I will be able to compete with Spinners I idolise. This will help me to see where I stand and this will help me to continue to improve myself.

Spinworkx Crew: How did you feel when you were promoted to Pro?

Wee Teng Ee: I felt like it was very surreal. Sometimes when I think about it, I keep thinking that I may never get into Pro, so when Hans messaged me to tell me I was promoted to Pro, I was really really happy.

Spinworkx Crew: Well, be sure to keep progressing and do us all proud in Pro. Lastly, any advice for current Spinners?

Wee Teng Ee: My advice to all Spinners is to always persevere. You must believe in yourself and always tell yourself that you can do it. Always stay humble and be willing to learn, and you will soon excel in the Division that you love the most.

Spinworkx Crew: That is great advice, Teng Ee. All the best for your up-coming freestyles for the 2014/2015 contest season. Once again, congrats on making it to the Pro division, and keep chasing your dreams!

Spinworkx would like to congratulate Wee Teng Ee on his recent performance, and being promoted to Pro, during the Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2014 and Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2014. 

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