Friday, 5 September 2014

Spinworkx First Mount #30 - Through the Backdoor Mount

After all the First Mounts that you have learnt so far, the next few up-coming mounts shouldn't be too tough to handle. The 'Through the Backdoor' Mount is a relatively simple Mount to understand, but executing it may be a little hard for some as there is a 'Chopstick' element in the Mount. 

It is through this 'Chopstick' element that enables the string to be passed onto both the Thumb and Index finger of your throwing hand, allowing for more complex trick options.

So let us explain how to get into the 'Through the Backdoor' Mount.

First, throw a straight Breakaway, and allow the string to fall on-top of your non-throwing hand just like doing a Trapeze Brother Mount.

Following this, the yo-yo should be changing directions and swinging back over to your throwing hand.

Before/while this happens, you will need to position the thumb of your throwing hand under the string segment that is coming out from the string loop that is tied to your finger.

Now, as the yo-yo is swinging towards your throwing hand, position your throwing hand in a way that your Thumb 'hooks' onto the string and your Thumb should now be above your index finger and all your other fingers.

This creates a small string segment in-between your thumb and middle finger.

Now, as the yo-yo is swinging towards your throwing hand, allow the yo-yo to go in-between your throwing hand thumb and middle finger, landing onto that string segment.

Once it lands onto the string, your non-throwing hand should be crossed above your throwing hand.

Viola, you have completed the 'Through the Backdoor' Mount.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Through the Backdoor Mount:
1) Remember to aim the yo-yo to land onto the string that is in-between your throwing hand thumb and index finger.
2) When performing the mount, practice it slow and steadily first before building up speed.
3) During the Mount, remember to keep the yo-yo spinning straight. If it starts to tilt, catch back the yo-yo and try again.

That is all for the Spinworkx First Mount Project this time.
If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note here, or shout out to us at our Facebook page.
You can also show us your Through the Backdoor Mount by tagging us on our Instagram Page, with @spinworkxsg #firstmount. 

Till the next Mount,
Keep Spinning!~

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