Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Spinworkx Around the World: Prague (Czech Republic)

So following the World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague, we had a couple of days after to do some sight-seeing around town. One of the places we have always wanted to check out was the Kafka Monument. Being a big fan of Kafka, it was just awesome and unbelievable to finally be able to see his monument in real life.

Other than the Kafka Monument, we got to see the various Castles and Architecture around Prague. Another famous tourist stop was the Astronomical Clock. The intricate details on the clock was just so amazing and something that everyone should see when in Prague. We also got to visit the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Lennon Wall.

But, on top of visiting all these tourist places, we were so excited to check out our friends from Slusny and YoYo Store! It was great hanging at their stores while in Prague, and if you are EVER in Europe, do make an effort to head down to these 2 great yo-yo stores!

So, check out our photos from Prague.

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